Fiskars Deluxe Telescoping Weeder


I was going to say…no twisting involved and no big holes. It uses leverage to take out the weeds. Easy peasy and very little effort involved.


Ugh! I hate that stuff! WE bought our house 3 years ago, and first order of business was getting rid of it all. 3 years later I’m still battling it in my front, side and back yard. The way it grows is that is has “potato” like things it grows from and stores water in. You have to remove all those “potato” things or it will keep coming back. This probably won’t help you out because the was it grows is horizontal, not vertical.


I bought one of these the last time this came up. I do not recommend this. Though it does make it easier to weed things, mine broke after the first use. I was pulling out crabgrass and it cracked and is no longer usable.


I bought one last time, and yes, it REALLY does work. Took some convincing to get my wife to try it, but once she did, she fell in love with it, and wanted to know why I didn’t buy 2. She also wants to give them as gifts, so I’m in for SIX this go-round.


From reading these reviews I can’t wait until mine are delivered!!!

I bought three!!! I’ll invite relatives over and have a dandelion pulling contest! The video makes it look like that much fun.


I love mine! I bought mine at Home Depot for about $20. It works great on larger weeds, but the small ones laugh at it. Also, it doesn’t work well for me on dry ground. It does its best work when the soil is moist, like a day after a really good rain. For dry areas, I’d water first then wait a couple of hours and then use it.

ETA: I also owned a competitors model that also broke within a month. This one works very well, and the blades are bigger than they look.


I bought one and it arrived with a split handle. Sucks. Thanks sending me broken crap.


Hmph! Maybe not! It won’t let me place a second order after I bought 3…


I picked up the WeedHound for $25 or so from Lowes after this was listed last time. It’s a little different design but works great.

That said, I noticed a Fiskars at Home Depot that looks like an updated version of the one here. It looks the same but has a metal lever part at the bottom – where these are reported to break. So, it seems like they fixed the flaw in their new product line.


I love my Bermuda. It’s the neighbor’s St. Augustine I’m worried about encroaching.


If only it was automatic like the robotic vac on Woot today.


I got one last time and it is worth every penny. I had lots of weeds in my backyard and getting them with this thing was actually kind of fun. It makes a satisfactory sound/feeling when the weed root gets pulled out of the ground! Don’t ask, don’t tell.


very good weeding device…as for the plastic foot breaking off; it won’t unless you insist on using it on hard ground and/or you abuse it…you don’t have to baby it, but if you’re the type that just wants to stomp recklessly don’t waste your money because all we will hear is after you break it, what a lousy product this is…which IS NOT the case…


You can only buy 3 of any certain product on Woot. No, you’re not allowed to place another order. If you ever see someone say they are buying 6, then it’s either a pair being sold, or that person has 2 accounts set up with woot.


Maybe your wife can buy the other three for you.


Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I’m seeing zombie dispatching tool.


Best invention ever. Better than sliced bread.

We have these awful thistle weeds with thorns sharp enough to pierce leather gloves. This is the only way we can get rid of them without ever having to touch them.


At this price I had to give it a try. Weeds taking over my gravel driveway…hopefully I’ll get rid of them with out breaking my back!


Are we waiting up for a woot-off tonight? :smiley:


Success! I bought three (early Christmas shopping) and received them all on Wednesday! I tried it out immediately and had a blast…
…it’s just as much fun as the video makes it look! I couldn’t wait for my wife to come home so she could try it too. She wouldn’t stop playing with it- she kept looking for weeds to pull! I push down on the habdle as I press with my foot- just to relieve pressure on the bottom piece. We might even have a weeding party (as well as a cook out)! Maybe I’ll set up different size buckets to shoot the weeds into with higher points for the smaller buckets.