Fiskars Deluxe Telescoping Weeder

I bought this a couple weeks ago. It works really well for what it is, but if they’re older weeds it of course won’t get all the root. Still, saves hours of “on your knees” labor.

I picked up one of these last month. While I haven’t been able to use it yet, I love showing off my telescoping weeder. It usually starts off with something like, “Hey want to see my telescoping weeder.” It is usually followed by a slug in my shoulder by my wife. :slight_smile:

Bought this from a previous Woot ( and it’s all kinds of awesome. I’ve owned other companies’ versions of the same thing and both broke in less than a month, while this thing is going strong and works better.

ninja edit: The aforementioned older weeds with large root systems will still come out handily, almost all roots intact, if you soak the area beforehand. Crab grass comes to mind, specifically. I hit the lawn after a good rain.

Had one when I lived in texas… worth its weight in gold!

And in case your wondering, I pulled what could almost be considered tree’s out with this thing. I want to buy one even though I don’t need it. In my experience, the bigger the weed, the easier it was to use this thing.

Can I get this chromed?

I’ve always wanted one of these. Just checked the price on Amazon and this is a deal. Soon I’ll be weeding my lawn… yay!

I bought one of these last time it was here. LOVE IT! I still hate pulling weeds, but now I am not as sore from bending over and trying (in vain usually) to get them from the root.

I was wavering, but you guys convinced me.

So now I get to blame you for buying it! :smiley:

At least now the shipping I payed for 3 monkeys isn’t going to waste.

I bought one a couple of weeks ago on woot! It broke the second use… it has a 25 year warranty and I received my replacement one yesterday.

It works nicely, just be careful on larger weeds. I like the idea of soaking the area first, gonna do that next time.

After I buy the item, that’s when the negative reviews always begin. lol

Good luck with the replacement, you could have just gotten a bad one the first time.