Fiskars Deluxe Telescoping Weeder



I just used mine today to pull some weeds out of the yard. This thing ROCKS!

So if you don’t have one, buy one ASAP!


Does anyone have the tally as to how often this has been offered? 10 times?


I love mine, but the plastic isn’t that hard, a couple weeks of work and it broke open around one of the blades. The warranty is supposedly really good though, so we’ll see how quickly they replace it. Debating buying a second as a backup!


I love this thing. An area that usually took about an hour to weed now only takes about 10 minutes. Its a real lifesaver for my back as well.


Mine broke the second time I used it. I contacted woot 3 times. I got an email after sending the 3rd complaint and they have still weeks later done nothing. I am not happy.


Does the task of pulling weeds well. The plastic isn’t very durable, lasted about 2yrs. I’ve been meaning to replace mine that broke. In for 1!


This is probably useful for manscaping, especially if you need to trim your back without help.


same $17.99 at previous wootoff

and home woot:

and regular woot:

CowboyDann’s previous comment (where is he? I need to get back to work):

and I think this is another video:

or this:


$39 on eBay:"

$75.09 (!!!) at Sears:


Sorry for the problems contacting customer service. Have you contacted Fiskars? It has a really long warranty with them.


No I didn’t contact fiskars because your rep said I could get a credit or a replacement
I said either would be fine and he never followed up with me.


Gotcha. I sent a message in from my end. Go ahead and send another email (sorry) and we’ll see if we can get it moving.


The vids showing users stepping on the steppy thing are wrong. Rather, ease the blades in with the handle so you can feel what’s happening in the soil. Hit a rock? Turn it a little, change the angle, ease it in a bit more - with the handle, NOT your foot. The blades will often work around a rock. NEVER step on the steppy thing. DO, however, use it as a lever when pulling the weed out. With this method, 1) you can easily remove almost any weed with a main root, and also those with dispersed roots, by moving the blades around in the soil “feeling” where the roots are, and 2) you won’t break the tool.

My point is that there’s a skill to using this thing. Let the tool and leverage do the work for you. Force it, and you’ll break it.

(A little soil moisture helps, especially in clay soil. A little moisture… not mud.)


Highly recommend. This is one of the few times when a gadget that sounds great actually performed exactly as expected. Easy to use and very effective


I bought one of these during mid summer when Woot first introduced it. I used it for the first time a few weeks later. As it happened my neighbor, a sweet 85 year old woman was also weeding her lawn. She was doing it the old fashioned way while bent over a hand weeder which required 3 or 4 stabs before she removed the whole root of a single weed. She walked over and watched me using the Fiskars, then asked where she could buy one. I handed the weeder to her and asked her to accept it as a gift.

Two days later it was offered again by Woot, so I bought another for myself. I think I may buy another now which I will use as an Christmas gift for a lucky family member.


Bought one last time for my 80 year old mom. She loves it and is able to weed her lawn again!


A couple of people commented about the plastic breaking on this weeder. My question is, when the plastic breaks, which it eventually will since it is plastic, can you still use the weeder? In other words, how much does the plastic add to the tools ability to function? Thank you


I think I am going to have to break down and buy 2 of these things based on the great price and the positive comments people posted, one for me and one for a good friend, who is also my boss, and a compulsive weeder. He hates weeds almost as much as he does paying me! Maybe if I bribe him with this weeder it will take some of the pain away from payday, his and more importantly mine. Also this thing looks like it would be dangerous to have around the house if you are a cheating spouse. Good thing John Bobbit didn’t have one of these things! If Lorena had gotten hold of it, the surgery would never have been successful, and he would never have been able to be an “actor”. I had to limit the details because this is Woot after all, but I Googled Lorena Bobbit to jog my memory about what her ex husband’s name is (For some reason I didn’t have any trouble remembering hers…hmmm). The details of their lives on wikipedia are a fascinating account of people getting away with, or getting a slap on the wrist for a variety of crimes. Darn I wish I had their lawyer! But I realize I have digressed, be still my tangential mind. My point is to the ladies, out there, perhaps you should buy one of these things as a present for your husbands, to remove temptation from their minds AND the weeds from you garden! You might hand it to him and say, “Hey, I read a really good review of this tool by Lorena Bobbit, apparently her current significant other not only keeps the garden beautiful, but he never goes out late drinking with his buddies either”.

Final comment, after reading my post I realize the lengths I will go to in order to avoid mowing the lawn for hopefully the final time of the year and making yet another impulsive online purchase from Woot. Perhaps the money spent to years of therapy weren’t wasted after all. Now I’m wrapping it this post up and ordering a couple of these things!


Oops I posted my last message twice when I added my final comment using the reply option. Still a little new to woot. Anyone know how to delete something instead of just changing it? Ok, time to mow the lawn! D’oh