Fiskars Holden Rain Harvesting System

**Item: **Fiskars Holden Rain Harvesting System
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Some good reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

What about chocolate rain?

Some additional info can be found over at

Will clog orifice.

PS Thanks for putting that song in my head.

Be careful though, it’s illegal to collect rainwater…

appears there are issues with the (plastic) spigot and possible cracking on the bottom.

I prefer the look of this thing over a lot of the other ones I have seen. It is not tacky, and would blend in with the rest of the yard.

Keep in mind, in some cities/states, it is illegal to harvest rain water, as it “belongs to the city”

Amazon special price 6/2011 was $54. (w/list of $112).

See customer review at Amazon:
Amazon customer review Fiskars5996

I’ll pass on this deal…

…in some states and areas.
Thankfully, not many, and that’ll likely change as time passes. In Texas, for all the things our legislature has made a mess of, this they did right. It’s explicitly illegal in this state to keep us from collecting rainwater, matter of fact most cities or counties hold rebated workshops to teach folks how to make their own barrel- and deal with the oft-resultant mosquitoes.
This is a good buy for an over-the-counter solution.

yet some places encourage you

It’s only illegal in some states… and by some, I mean the weird ones. Honestly though-- how does a state that voted to be able to grow pot outlaw the collection of rain water… case in point right there. :slight_smile:

It looks like a glorified garbage can to me.

Maybe that’s why the plastic spigot breaks? People step on it, thinking the lid is going to open…

Darn Americans, stealing jobs from Finland! (Just kidding, but it does irk me that Fiskars, a Finnish brand known for quality products, has shipped a lot of its manufacturing overseas, while still charging just as much as they did when the products were made in Finland.)

You need to check out how much water you can collect. In most of those states these are OK to use. What you got to check out is HOA. If I could sale my house I would and get a place without an HOA.

DIY solution, About $20.00

Welcome to America…er…um…wait…

I’ve had 1 for a few years, and intentionally disregarded the instructions that stated “disconnect and empty prior to first frost”…well, 40 gallons of expanded ice WILL damage it…BUT Fiskars happily sent me a check for the full retail value ($89 - not sure about the $119.99) and I went back to home depot and got another :slight_smile:

Also, 1/5 hammers?? No. I’m knowledgeably handy, and you’ve gotta hacksaw a 3-4" section out of the middle of the gutter, and should add new gutter brackets above and below, because you’re essentially creating and weighing down a hinge…it was easy for me, but 2/5 is probably more accurate for the avg joe