Fiskars StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower

**Item: **Fiskars StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower
Price: $114.99
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4.5 Stars on Amazon

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This is the reel mower that I own/use. I’ve used several reel mowers over the years; in comparison, this one is better-made and sturdier, and the gear/cutting components seem to be made of thicker materials. In general, it’s easier to use than other reel mowers because the high quality of the construction means that your energy goes into mowing without any being lost to the frame rippling or the wheels getting stuck. The foam covering the handle ripped because the handle is slightly too tall for me and it’s not very adjustable (maybe not adjustable at all?). Anyway, it’s holding up well.

Got one the last time it was on woot and I love it. I figured it would be a good way to get some exercise and be kind to the environment at the same time. Right on both counts. Only downsides: if you go too long between mowings it can be tiring to push through, and if you have a lot of curves or a small parcel (say, less than 10 feet) it can be difficult to build up the momentum. But on a straightaway it works wonders, and I just zap the borders with a weedwacker. Big fan of this one.

This is a great product, and having the grass throw BACKWARD is a good thing.


Because the model that throws forward results in you re-mowing the cut blades, which is a real problem if you have thick grass (I do), or let it get tall.

I have three lawns…approx 8000 sq/ft. I use this mower several times a week during the high-season. Takes me an hour, and is a nice workout.

But I must keep up mowing on a regular basis… if I don’t, the mower is tough to use and I have to take out my crappy electric corded mower.

My $.02

Woot must be into yardwork today since there’s a cordless, electric weed-wacker over at deals.woot right now.

I’m down for yard work day!

The plus model has an add-on you can buy ($50! wow.) to catch the clippings it throws forward. I could see that as being useful, but I’d read that the best way to compost grass is to leave it where it falls.

I’d actually been eyeing this model at the big orange store, but I have a hill in the front yard which is already difficult to mow with the gas powered walking mower that has powered wheels as well. I don’t know if I’d be able to use this to cut the hill by running down it, or, more likely, fall forward and tear my face off. Too accident prone. I suppose what I’m asking is

How does it fare for steep hills?

The Art of Manliness had a thing about the Plus model. The guy said the front-mounted clipping catcher was pretty much worthless…but he loved the crap out of the mower.

It seems like I paid more for this last time on woot, but it was worth it. My 11 year old son now mows with it and it does a good job.

Yep… I paid $20 more… Dang it!

I bought this last time to replace a Scott mower and it is a huge improvement. Easier to push, cuts long grass better, and is a lot lighter and more maneuverable. Not great for large yards, but for my patch it’s the best.

I don’t think I’d use it for really steep hills, though. I have a little embankment that I push it up and that’s not a problem, but a hill is a different story.

Reel mowers are cool until you try to cut long/thick or wet grass…then you’ll still need the power mower. Reel cut lawns should be trimmed often - trimming 1-2" height…but, I’m too lazy & always waiy to cut 2-3" :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had one of these for two years- best push mower I’ve ever owned, period. The flywheel lets you chop through small twigs that would stall any other push mower.

Not supposed to mow wet grass anyway as it dulls your blades quicker and results in the grass getting torn as opposed to cut.

Bought one on previous sale. Cuts Buffalo grass like butter. Twigs have never stopped the blades as some report. munch munch. it does push over some tall weeds rather than cutting them. i bought this as an exercise machine and it works great! my lawn is very flat - can’t comment on hills.

I have this. I have a small yard and it is fine on the grass. Going up the hill is a bit strenuous but I like it for the exercise. However lately I have tall weeds in my grass, and this doesn’t cut them. It cuts the grass but just knocks over the weeds. So I have nice 2" grass with a field of 8" weeds sticking out. Until I control my weed situation I’m going to borrow a gas mower from a friend.