Fissler Blue Point 6.4Qt Pressure Cooker


Few but overall great reviews at Amazon, and WOOT has it $100 less to boot


We were actually given this pressure cooker as a house warming gift, and it works beautifully. Very easy to use and very well made. Definitely a must for anyone looking for a pressure cooker.


Please keep in mind that this isn’t really big enough to do any serious canning. This is just a bit over a 1.5 gallon size, which might get you a pint or a quart of stuff done (depending on its dimensions), but you won’t be able to can a lot of stuff at once with this by any means.


Why Pressure cookers are awesome
Yes, you have to try the caramelized carrot soup recipe


I snagged the pressure skillet a few woot-offs ago. I liked it so much that I ended up buying a 10 liter for small canning and big stuff like broccoli and shell fish.

Food coming from these cookers definitely holds up to the test. The flavor is unbelievable if you get the timing right. It cooks fast too. Damn fast. I’ve steamed an entire 18" pumpkin to pulp in under 15 minutes.

A few things to consider before buying:

BOTH of the cookers I bought had faulty pressure gauges on them that released before they were up to pressure. Customer service provided easy to install replacements that worked much better. I think that this defect is why they discontinued this line for vitavit.

Like feralparakeet said the 6.4 is nowhere big enough to do any kind of serious canning. In fact bluepoint should NEVER be used for canning. I tried it a few times, but it is difficult to control the heat properly without the weighted pressure release that other systems use. This should be considered food only.

The pop up indicator is difficult to control unless you are using a gas flame to heat the pot. Electric is nearly impossible.

These caveats aside these cookers get the job done and (the metallic parts) are hardcore. At this price it’s a great buy. I’m definitely considering adding a middle size pot to the lineup.


Only found 1 site for direct comparison: $230 vs. $129.99 tonight

other sites had similar models, not same

Can only find British manual:

old video for the line:

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Fissler 6.4 Qt. Pressure Cooker

OK, so I bought one of these guys in a set from woot a while ago.

A couple of thoughts:

I bought the Quattro set on a woot off back in January for the same price. The Quattro set includes everything here and a skillet (picture this pan but much shorter) and a glass lid (the two lids fit either pan.)

Personally, I’m a fan, not just of this pressure cooker, but of Fissler. They make good stuff.

I’ve posted about it before:
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But suffice it to say, if you’re looking for a good pressure cooker but you’re not going to get into canning, this might be a good choice for you. I’ve never had the pressure valve problem that was mentioned, and the only “problems” I’ve had were self-inflicted. (eg. my wife dropped the glass lid and broke the handle - a $7 mistake, and the thing started hissing and leaking pressure like crazy one time, but upon removing the lid, I noticed there was food on the rim of the pan. Removing that cleared up the problem.)


this seems soo expensive for how small it is, you can find bigger and cheaper pressure cookers out there, if you looking to buy it for canning.




For a few bucks more, you can have an All American canner, in a reasonable size.


Comparing this to canner is apples to oranges. This is a great price on a very nice cooker. Lifetime warranty is impressive. Would be all over this if I needed a new pressure cooker. See Miss Vickie’s pressure cooking site for lots of good information on buying a pressure cooker.


A small pressure cooker for $130??! Are you kidding me? Woot, sadly you have lost touch.


I remember one of these when I was growing up. A bean got stuck in the blow off valve and my grandma thought all the pressure was released… It wasn’t and when she opened it the lid blew off and hot beans went everywhere. Use with caution, in wouldn’t have one in my house… And remember the high price isn’t because it costs that much to make, a large part of the price is to cover the insurance for the company because of lawsuits for people getting hurt when they malfunction.


There is a lot of information in the instructions and on websites on how to avoid problems while using pressure cookers. Some items should not be pressure cooked, like oatmeal. Some items specify a smaller quantity, like beans. They also recommend putting a bit of oil in the water when cooking certain items, like beans. Also, the newer pressure cookers have a pressure release function – if you have somehow gotten the pressure too high, it will self-vent. You will then probably need to replace the rubber seal or something (check your fine manual) but no explosions.

These are really not the same as the old-school ones.


I do a lot of canning. This is NOT a canner nor should it ever be used for canning. A small pot like this will not reach the pressures required for safe canning. And this price is way too high for a pressure cooker.


I assume at this price, it’s a stainless steel cooker? Aluminium really sucks.


Whats the difference between this and the Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel offered on Amazon for under $50? %2438.00


I searched on the Fissler website but didn’t seem to find anything has the product # of 2164406, the closest I got was 2164306 (see this link This makes me wonder if I should buy it (coz it seems really good price)…


I have an electric stove and own several sizes of these Fissler Bluepoint pressure cookers. In my experience, the smaller the pressure cooker, the easier it is to control the popup indicator on an electric stove. I get great results with my small Pressure Skillet, but marginal results with my 8 quart cooker. My guess is the 6.4 would fall somewhere in between.


The one that blew beans all over my grandma’s kitchen had the relief valve. It didn’t explode, it was simply that once she had turned off the fire and let cool down and opened the valve to let off pressure a bean got stuck in the opening so even though it stopped venting and appear to be safe to open it wasn’t… Even though the pressures were not huge it was still great enough to blow beans everywhere, I remembered seeing the stain on the ceiling near the stove where they hit… There is no way to make a pressure cooker 100% safe unless you simply don’t use it at all.