Fissler C&S Royal 7-Piece Cookware Set

Anyone know if these are oven safe?

Edit: I need to learn to read. Still, are they oven safe to 4000 degrees?

Nice. Induction compatible.

They have glass lids. Glass lids are normally a no go for ovens. Also these are not fully clad cookware which is also a pretty big drawback for me. Just having the encapsulated base means that the food can scorch up the sides of the pan.

edit just saw they are oven safe but no max temp rating.

…are you welding with your oven or something?

Am I crazy, or do these pictures look identical?

Fissler Page

Where are these made??? I can’t seem to find them on the internet to see if they’re a good buy or not.

Help Please. Thanks!

The good: It’s 18/10 stainless steel

The bad: If you’re going to spend this much money on a set of pans, get a set that is triple core, preferably with copper as the middle core.

These are too expensive for university kids and home cooks that don’t really care, and too cheap for serious home chefs. Trust me, your wife/brother/sister/girlfriend on the side does NOT want these for Christmas.

If you’re going to spend a decent chunk on pots and pans, do it right. Go out and get yourself some All-Clad or Viking. Yes, it’ll run more…it’ll also last you the rest of your natural existence and provide a superior cooking utensil. If you can’t afford AC or Viking, get some Calphalons (which are about the same price) or just cheap out and get some T-Fal’s.

BTW, glass lids are horrible. Avoid anything with glass lids.

Words cannot express how badly I need decent cookware. I want this.

… Huh, words CAN express how badly I need this.

Got pot sssss?

But on a serious note, they look like top quality cookware. Great wedding present perhaps?

I prefer buying my kitchen stuff (pots, pans, knives, etc.) at a restaurant supply stores. Their much more economical and if its good enough for the pros it works for me too!

A little more specific: Looks like

Stew pot set

casserole set

It’s none of your business.

You can say “oven safe,” Woot, but I can see that your fingers are crossed. Tell me to what temperature it’s oven-safe and maybe then we’ll talk.

On the Fissler page, it says oven proof. So, I’m going to try these out at 4000 degrees and put them to the test.

Are they made in Germany? That matters. :slight_smile:

Haven’t you heard of Costco??? I’d go there.

Fissler is good stuff, but expensive. I always wanted that pressure cooker they make, but don’t want to spend $250 or whatever it costs, when my 3 stainless pressure cookers didn’t cost that much all together. (I did get them all at steep discounts, though. Really steep.)

Yes. Germany.

"In a nutshell: all the processes in the company are certified by the DEKRA and comply with DIN EN ISO 9001. Tested quality at Fissler consequently also always means best quality. In this way the company ensures that all Fissler pots and pans which leave the factory satisfy the strictest requirements.

Fissler manufactures its high-quality products at locations in Idar-Oberstein and Hoppstädten-Weiersbach in the administrative district of Birkenfeld in the Rhineland-Palatinate."

Germany, in other words:

edit: you can see answered just above me, too.