Fissler Cookware, Knives & Kitchen Stuff

Just thought my fellow wooters should know that Fissler has built a sterling reputation in the US for their cookware designs and ALWAYS earn the highest marks from Cook’s Illustrated magazine (my gourmet bible) for their outstanding german design and quality engineering. The one type of cookware that absolutely must be precisely engineered and manufactured to the highest tolerances, both for performance and safety, are pressure cookers. Fissler’s Vitaquick line of pressure cooker’s are the industry’s defacto standard and are consistently ranked the best worldwide. I own their 6 qt. Vitaquick pressure cooker and it was expensive but pressure cooker’s are the one piece of cookware where the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is germain and, in this case, German as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any cookware or utensils with the Fissler name. Their stuff is expensive, but with Fissler, you do indeed get what you pay for.

How about selling some of those large Fissler Pressure Cookers? I missed some a while back and have been watching for them to return. You got my hopes up with this Fissler category!

I’ve never thought to make ‘Special’ crepes before, thanks for that idea, Woot!

I have good knives, so I am not currently shopping for a knife set, but if I were, I sure as hell wouldn’t buy a knife set without a photo that shows the actual blades. Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to serve those using the ‘magic’ six-piece serving set.

Great woot off. Thank you.

Got one of the knife block sets. Been waiting since I missed out months ago, and it returns and is accompanied by an even better (imo) set which I got instead. (Happy dance.)

Bit disappointed you only had 5 of the $320 pot/pan set and it sold out. Hope they return. (Wails, goes outside, bangs head against brick wall repeatedly.)

Does anyone have personal experience with the food mill? I have searched in vain for reviews. Found a couple from

[edit: They were using it to make mashed potatoes. I want to make grape juice and berry jam.]

I have tried the Weston 610101W mill which looks exactly like this one at half the woot price, and was disappointed. It was no better than using a potato masher and strainer by hand.