Fissler Magic Pan Rest

It’s magic? AND it’s a pan rest?? I have to have three.

This seems quite useless. Why not just rest your pan on the oven? In for 0.

This is a solution in search of a problem.

Looks magical!

A $13 hot pad?

Good reviews on Amazon

$26 on amazon with good reviews…

wtf? It’s just a trivet. And not a particularly attractive one imho.

Ok, magic, medium well for me!

I’m going to get two for my astronaut Mickey Mouse costume!

So, it’s a trivet? Zuh?

So it’s a trivet…

Who took a bite out of my magic trivet?

I have no clue why I just bought one but I did! I think I have became a hoarder… I have a woot crap closet. lmao.

Seems kinda steep for a glorified hot pad.

You could bring the skillet straight to the table if say you’ve got a family to serve. Skip the serving tray?

My thoughts exactly. Sorry Woot, but this makes no sense. I can buy probably by 5 or 6 pot holders for this price that will take up the same amount of room (or even less) when in storage, and will handle more pots, etc.

Wasn’t there a Star Trek episode about these? The trouble with trivets - or something like that.

I dont understand the need for it.