Fissler Pressure Cooker, 8 L Capacity

The description mentions 2 pots (4.5L, 8L) but the title only mentions the 8L. What are we buying here?

Per the vendor: It is 8L, the sale has been updated.

So who is the vendor? There are a lot of unhappy people over on your Flagship Amazon, stating that Fissler is saying that the seller is an unauthorized seller. And why is the warranty only 90 days, Fisslers warranty is lifetime if I am not mistaken.

PS I purchased the 4.5L from you a couple of years back and love this brand of pressure cooker, I also got a Rikon from you but my Fissler is by far my favorite of the two.

If this is coming from an authorized Fissler dealer and will be backed up by Fissler should the euro valve be bad as has been reported often on Amazon then I want one.

Buyer confirms these were purchased directly from the manufacturer.