Fissler Pressure Cookers - 3 Styles

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Fissler Pressure Cookers - 3 Styles
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Reviews on the 8.5 qt. over at Bed Bath & Beyond

I have the big Fissler.
It works amazingly well!
To quote someone else’s best advice:
“Buy the biggest one you can afford.”

comments are turned off now for most of the sales?

Can you be more specific? Each sale now has its own discussion thread.

I bought the smallest one (2.7qt) when it came up here, because I’m cooking for 2, and I use it constantly. It is the easiest pressure cooker I have ever used and it cleans beautifully. I can make a quart of spaghetti sauce in 30 mins! fresh veg at every meal! beef stew for 2 in 40 minutes and our all-time fav, Greek lamb and green beans with everything cooked to perfection. I’m getting the large one for winter batch cooking. I am a happy bunny.

The Amazon reviews of this product are filled with people complaining about receiving the 8.5 qt with a faulty secondary valve.

Does anyone know if this was a production run issue or a by-unit QC issue?

>>>Edited to clarify product.

Fisslers are nice for a chef, but Presto’s are a better buy for everyone else. Don’t buy a Fissler unless you are sure you need the quality or if you like having the top of the line cooker regardless of both. Get a Presto cooker instead!

Source: I own both makes in the next size up.

Do Prestos come in stainless as well as in aluminum? Many people prefer to cook in stainless (I’m one of them). I bought a Fagor set a few years back (my first venture into pressure cooking), very happy with it. I wouldn’t mind adding a smaller version the ones sold today.

Pressure cooking is wonderful. Get a current model. There are also electric ones for those who don’t use stoves much.

There is no such thing as a “nerf” pressure cooker that requires no thinking on your part. Please read this advice:

The Ten Commandments of Pressure Cooker Safety

Thou shalt read thy manual. This is especially important if you’ve never used a pressure cooker before.

The best safety feature is an informed Presto Pressure Cooker Operator.

Thou shalt check the cooker’s safety equipment before use. Hold the cover up and look through the vent to see if it’s clear. Make sure the air vent/cover lock moves freely.

Thou shalt not cook those foods that clog up the safety vent with froth and foam, such as cranberries, cereals and beans. The manual that comes with the Presto Pressure Cooker will have a list of what foods work well in the cooker, and which should be avoided.

Thou shalt not overfill the cooker. Most of the time, fill it 2/3rds the way full. For foods that expand a lot, such as grains, it should only be filled 1/2 the way. For a more extensive list on the right amounts of foods to put in a Presto Pressure Cooker, consult the manual.

Thou shalt make sure the pressure cooker is properly closed before beginning to cook.

Thou shalt not use the Presto Pressure cooker in an oven, on an outdoor LP gas burner, or on a gas range over 12,000 BTU’s.

Thou shalt not attempt to open the cooker until the inside pressure is completely reduced - no steam coming out of the vent and the handle is easy to open.

Thou shalt keep thy pressure cooker well maintained, replacing the gasket and overpressure plug every two years, or any time such becomes worn, cracked, hard or deformed.

Thou shalt not allow children to use the pressure cooker.

Thou shalt now touch hot surfaces, attempt to pressure cook oil, or otherwise do anything stupid prefaced by a “Hey, watch this!”

I have the 4.2. I really wish I had a larger one. I cook beans and it is only enough for about 3 of us and me eating 2 more times. I’ve made many other items in it, cooks great. Buy the biggest you can get.

I have an electric one, and it completely changed the way our family eats. We can make better food at home, in practically the same time it takes to sit down at a restaurant to eat.

Seriously, an electric one is AWESOME, and seems easier to use than a stove model.

Pressure cookers are wonderful. I bought the 8.4 liter and now have 3. I’ve made risotto and corned beef but my favorite dish is pasta and meat sauce. You brown the ground beef and onions, add spices, a little wine and then add stock, dry pasta and a can of tomatoes. In 10 or 15 minutes you have a wonderful pasta and meat sauce. It is so easy!

With a big pressure cooker you can cook baked goods and even cheese cake.

This seems apropos:

About 5 months ago, we got the InstantPot programmable electric model for $104 shipped from NewEgg dot com. Using a 20% off coupon they can be bought for about this price at BB&B. Being electric and programmable, we can set it up, push a button or two, then leave! The food is great. Why would anyone pay this much for a pressure cooker you have to use on a stove and watch it? ?:confused:

Yup. I’ve got a Magafesa, Fagor, and a Presto. I like the presto the best. The simple turn to lock mechanism and little regulating jiggler on top are a no frills, no fail system. All, including the Presto are stainless steel and I do recommend you buy stainless, as it won’t pit, warp and stain like the aluminum ones will (had one of those, too). The fancier ones really are not better quality. The stainless Presto is every bit a high quality cooker as the others. The others have springs and plastic locking switches that can foul or break. When my Magafesa was new, my daughter (then 2) dragged it out of the cupboard and some how it crashing to the ground screwed up the locking/unlocking mechanism and now I have to manually set a little notch into the right position for it to go on and lock. I can’t figure out what happened, but that part is no longer perfect and this is something that would not be possible with the Presto, because you don’t have those extra bits that are supposed to make it a fancier pot. The Magafesa does do dual pressures, but I never use the lower pressure and don’t feel it’s a necessary feature. The Fagor also has those locking switches and springs and I have had to disassemble the thing to clean it once or twice. The simplicity of the Presto is its beauty and if you handle one of their stainless steel models, you can easily see it is a very high quality cooker.

At first glance I thought it was a UFO.