Fissler Pressure Skillet w/ Lid

Whoa this seems high! I picked up the “Fagor 5-Piece Pressure Cooker” set for ~$80 last month. It cooks great and comes with 2 pots.

Last month? Try 17 hours ago:

I can hear David Bowie’s song for this item now. ‘Pressure’

Nice I missed it. I’ve used it several time in the past month. It was my first pressure cooker and I can’t understand why I waited so long!

Looks like we sold several! HomeWoot is turning into my favorite store.

dangit…feel like I got ripped off …should have read the earlier comments… I wanted a pressure cooker though. Oh well, I am one of the suckers.

Pressure is Billy Joel. You’re thinking “Under Pressure,” and its Queen that makes that song so awesome – or maybe just Freddie Mercury.

What were we talking about again?

The video makes a good case for the product. Always wanted a pressure cooker. I’M IN!

This one’s made in Germany if that makes you feel better. Old world craftsmanship, baby.

Way small…what, a 9 inch diameter and 2.5 quarts. Gimme a break. You will open the box and ask, 'where’s the beef". That’s what she said!

This is the BEST deal from the entire Woot Off! Sold!

is that why it’s so much? this appears to only be 2.5 qt. and the others were 4 and 8 qt.

or am i reading that wrong?

Yup! For $80 I got a 4qt and 8qt.

I’ve hard boiled eggs and baked potatoes in my 8qt. It’s finding new uses for it!

Because Fissler’s pressure cookers are just about the best you can get. Fagor is good, too, but it’s not at the same quality level of Fissler. With Fissler, it’s like the Mercedes of cookware.

You won’t be sorry - Fagor’s don’t come to pressure as quickly and you can be burned by the steam. This is a much better quality piece!!

The thing is Fissler’s have a stronger, more well-made base that won’t warp - also, this is a pressure SKILLET…meaning you can use it for smaller pressure cooking items but also as a standard skillet. I love mine!!