Fissler Solea 10 Piece Pot & Pan Set

Wow, are these made out of gold, handcrafted by woot themselves?

At first I was like YES, POTS AND PANS!

And then I was like … never mind. I’m a college student, I can’t afford this.

unless theres one available, this woot off is frozen.

Too many expensive items in this woot! off. Already got my Bag-o-Crap… See you at midnight, woot!.

This would go great in a recording studio… oops… missed that one

i was hoping for an ice cream maker before the woot-off ends, but i guess that’s looking increasingly unlikely.

Woot is becoming entirely too classy. Pretty soon I’ll be getting bounced for being below the dress code.

If only I had some $400 knives to go with these $400 pots.

So is it 10 pieces or 5 pieces?

What color is the oven/stove that comes with this???

Ooooo - shiny.

Yeah, like any of your mom’s would let you cook anyway.

How odd, same thing I’m waiting for! Specifically the Cuisinart automatic one.

Really?..ugh…see you all at midnight.

How about another 7qt Cuisinart mixer??

The perfect equipment for sophisticated cooks with a sense of aesthetics

Hellloooo, this is Woot, Wooters eat old cheese puff crumbs out of their keyboards during Wootoffs.

At this price, this set better suck on my hot dog when I put it in… (what, you guys don’t boil hot dogs?)

Lids count as pieces…

It’s 10 pieces…it comes with the glass lids. :slight_smile: