Fissler Solea 10 Piece Pot & Pan Set

new drum set…yes!!!


Oh Geez…Nap time!

Anyone, have any idea, why though out yesterday since, the Woot Page has been crashing left and right, and There isn’t BOC’s lol… Does this mean we are Crashing the site for Regular items, also? If this is the case, I can assure these BOC’s will not be in the hands of many, Seems, the wootalyzer wasn’t working yesterday, until last night for me. Anyone else experiencing, not so smooth a time, even before the BOC’s? lol

Hit me back… Hope you all get what you want from the Kings of Woot…

Sorry, I only buy my kitchen pots and pans refurbished. Maybe next time, woot!

In for… none

Way to expensive for me…considering I typically just order a pizza

Quality post!

I remember that song Life is Just a Pantasy… Aldo Nova. I remember the video even, had a helicopter and a guitar that blows open the stage door

oooh, shiny!

That’s a lot of pot for $379

…pass - My stove is a Mac

No frying pan?


Ok, I have no interest in these but watched the product video…Why is their product video done in computer graphics. Do the pots not even work good enough to do an advertisement with them??

Oh, yawn, whats this? Sure why not, I’m in for 3. Yawn, back to bed. I did my part, somebody else take a hit for the team

Buy these for your wife and see which one she uses to beat the crap out of you.

Pot-entially the punniest write up ever.

I had the same problem on a T1 lin. I notified the Woot team. if anyone else is have issues I suggest you do the same.

Yesterday the pages weren’t updating as they were supposed to. Sometimes I would have to refresh so many times that I actually missed items because when I refreshed the page would reload to the sold out item.

Its a nice set, too bad I picked a simialr set on black friday for about a 1/3 of this price … FAIL