Fissler Solea 10 Piece Pot & Pan Set

First black friday was a bust, Cyber monday was weak now this. My Christmas is not going to be joyful.

If you consider the life of some of the cheaper pots/pans on the market, these are not a bad deal. I dont have this set but I have a couple of their pots and I can say they last. Quality product.

soooo… shiny…

Meh, I’ll keep my Pampered Chef set which I have an emotional affair with every night in the kitchen. So much love for those pots/pans. Don’t tell my husband.

I am looking at the site directly. I don’t use wootalyzer or anything.

To contact them I use the write us link at the top of the page and selected the service email address…

Your right, 9 pcs. Makes no sense.

Kitchen Kitteh approves!

Nebraska loves pots lol* Seems, according to my wootalyzer info, we increased of about 150 people since about 6:28am central time.

I was here for a BOC once they took the numbers from the stock market. Number was 1 lol and I had a two. Maybe for site crashing they could redo this idea or perhaps, others, that may aid in better chances.

How many BOC’s usually drop 500? is it? or 1500?

Thanks guys…


Thanks =) Much appreciated*

This will really raise the price per bowl of my instant oatmeal. F-A-I-L

[QUOTE=bluenotez4life, post:34, topic:301510]
Do you have a link? perhaps, to contact them about the wootalyzer and/or the sight going down. /quote]

The wootalyzer isn’t built by Woot. Your best bet is to contact the company that does build the wootalyzer at

And there will be even more unhappy wooters once they receive their Box O’ Crap.

Closer to 3000.

That’s kind of how these things usually work. The last few of each thing that didn’t sell out (or they ended up with some extras somehow) all get blown out in a day or two, with some new stuff that was available in smaller quantities thrown in to make things interesting. And, of course, the rare Bags of Crap thrown in to keep the masses clicking that refresh button!

Is there and Americanized version of this cookware? I can’t read metric.

No kidding. How many Woot Offs in a row did they have those $200+ mandolin slicers for? 5 or 6? I haven’t seen them lately so hopefully they are gone.

Not that bad of a deal if you can afford it.

Well the Tupperware pan set is 1K any good pan set is worth it in the long run considering your going to get 20-30 years out of a set of good cookware. Same with the 600.00 knives and the 60.00 cutting board,if you are a person who spends a lot of time cooking the good stuff is a must.

Think of it as the topline laptop for a foodie-mac compatable too

IF you can’t get a complete set at least get a good piece at a time as you can afford it.
till you have a set

Frankly, you’re better off with the Tramontina 10-piece set from Walmart. It’s $100 less, although you get plain old stainless lids instead of shiny glass lids. The Tramontina set comes highly rated by Cooks Illustrated magazine - on par with All-Clad, a set that would be easily 2-3x the price of either of these.

Wow, Matt must be one heck of a polisher to be included in the write-up!

I can’t believe I bought these. Not sure I like cooking THAT much. Merry Christmas to me.