Fissler Solea 10 Piece Pot & Pan Set

What happened to all the bot posts that showed the price? I’ve looked through some older items and I am not seeing them anymore…

Can i get a PoC instead?

Every Random BOC’s there wasn’t any stating items sold: 3000 BOC’s I’ve participated in a few, and watching many i did not participate in, and I’ve never seen Items sold: 3000+ on BOC lol…
It’s good to know if this is the case =)
When did u see this?

Last time I think was 500 or a 1500 perhaps, I think I saw a 1599, actually, but are you saying the NEWLY dropped BOC’s are in quantity of 3000 to all of us? Anyone else seen this?

It’s a first, if so, for me…

So, my ? is what’s your average of when BOC’s drop, of how many Woot, actually sends out?

Anyone else see over 2000+ BOC’s ?

What the heck happened to NightGhost?

Sadly, it would be impotsable to find a place to store them in my kitchen…beside that, as far as looks, their incompotable with my other set. (And I refuse to pot with my other set).

Wow, with a built-in lid, I can now catch my dinner in a pot, then cook it, saving me time and medical bills for those rabies shots…

I also cant believe I just bought these. But I wanted a new set of pots… and I couldnt believe the prices on some of the higher end stuff. So I guess I merry christmas to me :slight_smile:


I was just saying that Wootalyzer had issues, but so did the site.

I was also thinking that Wootalyzer had issues, perhaps, b/c of Servers crashing. I’m sure it’s something of that nature.

I was just shocked to see it crashing via both ways lol yesterday*

Thanks… =)

I realize this may be a reach, but with the WikiLeaks crap being shifted to the Amazon cloud, I wonder if that has anything to do with it? I’d think it would be getting a massive amount of hits and causing congestion. Amazon proper was acting hinky too for awhile.

I’m pretty sure it was the Wootalyzer that crashed. You couldn’t even log into their website which is more likely a server crash than Woot crashing it. Though maybe Woot crashed their server which would be scary. had issues yesterday too, but I think those we Woot related.

It’s the daytime, he’s a night ghost.

Yes, but the measurements for the large pots are in firkins.

The small ones are in drams, scruples and minims.

Just received my Solea set, they look awesome. Havent tried cooking anything with them yet since I just unpacked them. But so far, heavy and look very well constructed.

Ditto. I used them the first night I brought them home. No buyer’s remorse here. None. They cook very evenly, handles are like ice when the contents are boiling. The look is fabulous. Very happy. Thanks WOOT!