Fitbit Alta

Are the Wrist bands changeable on this tracker?

According to the fitbit site: the bands are able to be changed.
Instructions for such are here:

Why does anyone want to buy this when new xiaomi mi band 2 is cheaper, has similar functions and better battery lives?

As the seller of the xiaomi on Amazon says:

Yes it is. I have even gotten away form the silicone bands and have gotten some nicer bands that can make this tracker look more like a watch or jewelry!

I got one from woot and love it!

Glad to hear it!

Why were these refurbished? Is there some manufacturing defects? or some parts have been changed? Is it safe to buy refurbished or would you suggest to buy new.
Please advise.

I know it’s not the same, but I bought a refurbished Fitbit Flex on woot about a year ago and it is still going strong.

Is the original packaging included or is it obvious the fitbit is refurbed?

Apparently this unit doesn’t do heartrate. Right?

Nope, need the Alta HR for that

It will likely come in a poly bag and/or brown box.

It doesn’t differentiate between deep sleep and light sleep?

The HR sensor is used for that, so no.

Heart rate sensor is used for what, Sleep detection? So this just reports sleep or no sleep, and length of sleep?

This doesn’t do heart rate, does it?

No heartrate. But its a great tracker. Benefits of fitbit include wide industry adoption. All stats sync flawlessly with myfitnesspal. I have the alta and i love how small and inconspicuous it is. Battery life is extremely long too.

Just received mine today and it came in original packaging. So far it is wirking as expected. Can’t even tell it’s a refurb.