Fitbit Blaze - Pick Color

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Fitbit Blaze - Pick Color
Price: $119.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 20 to Tuesday, Feb 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Brand new is $30 more and has prime shipping. Quite a deal…

Target Reviews

Doesn’t this have a funky charging adapter?
One that keeps falling off?

No, the Fitbit Blaze uses a different kind of charger. You remove the device from the band and put it in a little cradle to charge. Charge lasts usually 5 days or so.

I’ve had mine for a year now. Battery charge has dropped by quite a bit. I started with getting 5 days per charge. Now I’m around 3 days.

I’m not complaining though; it’s really a cool watch. I love the accessories. I bought a metal band and have never used anything else since. It feels heavy with the band, which is exactly what I want.

Mine was 3 days at best out of the package. I did get a mettle band and do not use the rubber one that came with the watch. Looks more “professional” I keep my phones BT on so it can sync when needed. I’ve gone with the BT off on the watch and it still won’t live past 3 days. I had the little fibit one (little device the size of a usb drive) and it would last for about 10 days or more. Kept loosing it LOL. Kids got me this one. I do wear it about a few days a week but have found my Samsung S7 keeps better track of my actions, records more data, then this watch. Not a bad price but it’s a fad that will soon die off. Who wants to remove it from the case every 2-5 days to charge?

For ten dollars more you can get the Samsung Fit 2 brand new from the mother ship. I got my wife one about two weeks ago for her birthday and it’s amazing. It’s the best smartwatch/fitness tracker I’ve ever played around with in terms of what you want a one to do. No missed notifications, very accurate heart rate and pedometer with the firmware update. Will automatically detect when you are being active and switch it to workout mode if you forget. Great screen and incredibly comfortable. Charge lasts around 3 days with normal usage. The full watch can be placed on the charger and it takes about half a second to connect. If you charge it daily while showering you’ll have a fully charged watch by the time you are finished. The only caveat is don’t plan on buying if you are an Apple person. Works great though with just about any Android phone less than two years old.

Just as a caution, if you have a small wrist, this thing will look enormous on you. I wear a small Charge HR, and received a Blaze recently. I tried to wear it, and it just absolutely dominated my arm and looked sort of freakish.

DO NOT BUY Refurbished! I’ve gone through multiple replacements due to battery issues, or bands breaking off.

Fitbit has great customer support and will replace if within warranty, unfortunately 90 days isn’t enough. Do yourself a favor and buy with at least 1 year or even extended warranty.

I have this other charger that let’s you charge w/o removing the device. Works really well:

Got mine in the mail yesterday. Will not power on. Plugging into my computer it just boot loops. Went through fitbit support. Is not covered under warranty as woot is not an authorized reseller.

I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. They will be able to get you taken care of.