Fitbit Charge HR

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Fitbit Charge HR
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Note Price Drop!

Suppose this change is indicative of the Charge 2 coming out. Personally, I like the Charge 2 a whole lot. Pre-order on Amazon was worth the price cut.

They have these at Wally World (walmart) for 90 bucks right now. Brand new.

That’s a funny write-up but the product is crap. The Charge HR has been known to cause rashes. Does the woot warranty cover that? Also, the bands fall apart within about 6 months. That’s after the woot warranty period has expired. There are so many known problems (charging, syncing, rashes, disintegrating bands, etc) that FitBit doesn’t address or acknowledge. If you ignore the thousands of complaints about their products, at least buy a cover from ebay or etsy so that the band is less likely to fall apart quickly and won’t irritate your skin. It won’t fix the charging or syncing issues but it’ll last a bit longer.

FWIW: I’ve had none of the above issues except the band falling apart in around a year of ownership. I’m on my third.

But the band issue is enough for me to recommend not wasting your money on this - unless you want to buy a new one (or have it replaced) every 3-6 months.

The Bands do wear out on these. My mother received one (I dont think it was the charge, but it has the exact same band) for Xmas last year and her band recently wore out, it was tearing apart. Luckily it was purchased NEW and was less than a year old so fitbit replaced it with a Fitbit Alta no questions asked.

Yep, bought mine off of here, and in 3 months had the ‘bubble’ issue start. Bought a thing on Amazon that goes over it so it looks better - however, now I see the band above the screen has lifted. So any water resistance is now futile. For the record, I do not do anything crazy like rock climbing or whatnot, just everyday normal things and this happened, I’m not rough on it at all.

I got one here, wore it out, got a replacement, wore that out in 6 months. Complained to fitbit, and got a 25% off code for a new Fitbit Charge 2, I’m 2 weeks in with the Charge 2 and it’s great so far, 6 days battery life!

Bought one here in May. Stopped charging a couple weeks ago. Don’t expect any help from Fitbit or Woot if you have problems outside the 60 day warranty. Don’t waste your money.

I love my Fitbit Charge HR. The Fitbit app is really good, user friendly and helps to keep me on track with my goals.

However, like others have said, they do have quality issues.

I have never had any issues with a rash developing, but I do take my Fitbit off once in awhile and do clean it, and there is room for my skin to breath.

I have had issues with the band bubbling and coming apart. I am now on my third Fitbit Charge HR. All have been replaced without issue under warranty. I am not super hard on my Fitbit, nor is it exposed to extreme heat or humidity. The band just starts to fall apart near where it attaches. I don’t think they used a very good glue.

Overall, I think it’s a good product and would (and do) recommend it, but it does have issues. Expect that even with proper care, it may not make it the year, but as I said, Fitbit has provided solid customer service each time, and I did not buy the product directly from them initially.

I got one a couple of weeks ago and it died. No one answers the phone at the warranty phone number provided by woot. Woot did send me a return shipping label for a refund.

Wow these comments make me want to keep away.

I bought one from here in Feb and paid around $90. It was great until two weeks ago it quit syncing with my phone. Not really a big deal, I use it mostly as a heart rate monitor and track the fitness in a journal… That being said, I am mostly upset because the battery started draining in less than a day, and since it died completely last week, the time is off ny 10 hours and I can find NO INFORMATION ON CORRECTING IT. I really, really liked it, but for the money and the short warranty you get here, I’d spring for a new one with a longer warranty…

I want to use this to track total vertical feet climbed while skiing. Does it count stairs in conjunction with steps (ie, altitude changes only count if steps are also being logged), or is a change in altitude alone sufficient to register stair climbing?