Fitbit Charge HR

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Fitbit Charge HR
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Don’t buy it. Fitbits fall apart and their warranty period sucks. Check out the complaints on their facebook page and the BBB listing before you buy one.

That doesn’t look like a charge HR in the photos.

Looks exactly like the Charge HR I’m wearing.

Short form: skip the charge… I’ve had 4-5 (replaced under warranty) and each one has had issues with the rubber strap coming off the unit and braking.

Having picked one of these up from Woot last year… I have to agree the Charge (regular or HR) is prone to issues with it’s wrist-bands. I recently got an Alta though… which is designed to have replaceable bands and am loving it. [Although I have upgraded to a metal after-market wrist strap.]

One thing though: The charge I got from Woot last year (also a referb) only had about a 28 hour battery life. Woot was good and replaced it with a different one, that would hold it’s “charge” for 5-6 days worth of battery life. So: good on Woot for being responsible. Long term issue was with the quality of the manufacture, not an issue w/Woot’s product.

Looks like it to me.


We had two of these, plus one that was a replacement under warranty. Ultimately they all failed. I went to their product booth at CES and the folks there took no interest in rectifying the situation and so I have given up on FITBIT.

Like others have said, skip the Charge HR. I’m currently wearing mine and it works well, but the band is held together with epoxy and I’m looking forward to upgrading to the Charge 2 HR. Hopefully that’ll happen on Cyber Monday.

I must have lucked out, I’ve worn my Charge HR every day for more than a year, and haven’t had any problems or issues. Knock on wood; I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Ahem to that. Fitbits are real crap. The bands quickly bubble up and separate from the face. Sweat is what does it. You will be lucky to get 90 days out of it if you do any type of exercise at all. Not just this model, but even the more expensive ones, like the Surge. That one started coming apart after 4 months. After getting one replaced under warranty when they first came out, Fitbit quickly realized they had a real problem with quality control and stopped replacing the obviously defective design. Do yourself a favor and spring for the more expensive but light years better Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. It’s water proof and doesn’t fall apart.

I’ve gone through two of them. Bubbles on the band, and separation of it from the underlying portion. They honored the warranty the first time, but not the second. They offered me a discount of 20% on a replacement. No thanks. I’m looking for a different product and manufacturer.

As many have already stated, this model has serious flaws. I went through three of them under warranty and truth be told needed a fourth but the replacements were all based on the 1 year warranty of my original purchase, not the subsequent replacement. So translation, not a single one lasted a year.

The band begins bubbling near where it attaches. (I was asked if it had been in any extreme environments or temperatures which apparently was believed to be the cause. - Nope, live in a dry, mild heat area.) Once it has started bubbling it’s only a matter of time before the band completely starts to peel away and it becomes useless.

I do however recommend the Charge 2 HR. The bands are replaceable, so lots of affordable options (some of which are very nice) on the parent company. The unit is much more well built and I haven’t had any issues after nearly a year. And I really like being able to swap the bands rather than always being stuck with a silicone one that just looks tacky.

Fitbit’s products are garbage. I bought a flex when they first came out, had it replaced 2x inter warranty. (Both times stopped charging) I also had their scale. I replaced the batteries and it no longer talked to the server. They replaced it after a looooong hassle. Then I had to replace the batteries in this one, and same issue. Out of warranty and so I opened it up and found wiring and electronics right out of a dollar store toy. Cheap thin wiring, brittle connectors, and spots where wires were kinked and probably broken internally. Stay away.