Fitbit Charge or Charge HR

I got the Charge and liked it so much, I got a Charge HR for workouts. I’m still using the Charge, over a year later. The Charge HR battery went down in just a few months and wouldn’t accept a charge. User cannot replace a battery and company was not cooperative. I wouldn’t buy a charge HR with just a 90 day warranty.

I’ve had a Charge HR for about 10 months. I love it, but I’ve had to get it replaced under warranty twice because the exterior rubber on the band separates and bubbles up. Customer service was instantaneous when I contacted them, and the replacements were at my door within a week. Functionally, it’s the best fitness tracker I’ve used; but I wouldn’t get one with only 90 day warranty either.

I got the Charge In Dec 2015. Battery died in Oct 2016. I have other units, but 90 day warranty is not a good deal for this device.

Is the band replaceable on these? That’s the knock I’ve heard the most - the band goes bad for various reasons, not the device itself.

The bands come apart and are not replaceable. I’ve had two Charges that I had to throw away because the bands died. The tracker part still functioned (although the batteries were failing and it took multiple attempts to sync) but there was no way to put the tracker in a new band. These trackers last on average 6 months. Some last less and some last longer. The quality of the materials and the engineering used to design this product are both really bad. If you want a fitness tracker, use the money you would spend on this towards a more reputable brand like Garmin or even Apple. If you buy a fitbit, you may as well throw your money in the garbage can. And then stare at it sadly because you’ve become addicted to your tracker and it failed you. Sigh.

I also have issues with the band. I have the one that doesn’t buckle and it tends to pop off unexpectedly. I ordered some “bandcuffs” to help with this problem. And this isn’t the only brand of fitness tracker I’ve had that sort of problem with. Really, we’ve been making watches that don’t fall off for years and years, why did they have to come up with different ways to fasten these devices?

Don’t buy it, Had the HR for a year and one month. It broke just after the U.S. warranty which is 1 year. Two years outside of U. S. ironically. They only offered me 25% off a new one. Horrible device that won’t last. I was practically wearing it 24x7 and I don’t do anything rough. Just Google the band separating issue with the Charge/HR.

As others have said the band is horrible as far as lasting. I got maybe four months out of mine.
The company was of no help because I had received it as a gift.
I have junked it and gone with the Garmin Vivoactive. So far it is as advertised.

I am on my third Charge since last Christmas- First one battery died, second one screen died. The co replaced them both, but I would not suggest getting one with a short warranty.