Fitbit Flex, Charge, Charge HR, or ONE

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Fitbit Flex, Charge, Charge HR, or ONE
Price: $49.99 - 99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jan 11 to Tuesday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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A Class Action Lawsuit was recently filed against FitBit, claiming the heart rate monitoring was inaccurate. Fitbit, of course, denies these allegations.

Bought two before Xmas, one for a gift for my wife, and one for myself (playing it safe!) One still going good, one died after 5 days. Called the warranty listed # from my cell and it rings and rings, then says, “dialed number is not allowed from this phone”. Called from a landline and talked with someone who got my info and said to wait for a shipping label via e-mail in 24 hrs. No e-mail. Called back today (2 days later) 4 different times in a row with pick up (with background noise) then hangup. 5th or 6th call (thank goodness for redial!) they took my call and hopefully got it straightened out. Good luck to y’all (and myself!)

Indeed these have had problems. Suggest you consider the Jawbone brand which has the added benefit of using a heat flux transducer to help compute energy (calorie) expenditure. No display but then that’s what your smartphone and app are for.

This really isn’t a deal. You can buy these brand new on fitbit’s site for the same cost

Stay away, my FIL and MIL have had to have theirs replaced 3 times each.

At the very least do not do any FITness activity that might jostle it a bit like ride a bicycle on a chip seal road or basically anything besides walk on completely flat ground. Haha

No, it’s distinctly cheaper. The Flex and One are normally $99, the Charge HR is normally $150 - it’s about $50 off (reasonable, since these are refurbished).

I had an Ultra and wore it to death (they were badly designed, a U-shape that was supposed to be the clip onto your clothes, but anything thicker than a shirt pocket over-flexed and eventually cracked it at the top of the U). When it died, I replaced it with a One - I’ve had to replace the clip twice, but my One is still going strong a couple years later.

The Flex has less data visible - not sure what it shows in the app. I think it doesn’t track stairs (like the Zip); the Ultra, One, and Charge/Charge HR do. Charge HR is the only one with a heart-rate tracker, and yes it’s quite inaccurate…it works by shining light (ok, a laser, it says) onto the back of your wrist. It would be surprising if it were accurate! But for general information, it’s not bad - easier to use and about as accurate as the Android apps that do heart-rate when you put your finger over the LED flash on your phone. Not up to a chest-band HRM.

My dad has the Charge HR - replaced a Force (the one that got recalled for irritation of the skin) with it. Mom and I and my sister have Ones (mine is oldest, by about 6 months). Fitbit’s fun (except when, like now, it shows that I’m barely moving! grrr. Gotta get up and out some more…).

No, you can’t.

If you mean spending $35 to $55 more new is the “same cost” then you are right. In the real world though you save between 30% and 45% buying refurbished from woot over the fitbit site.

I’ve been using the Flex for the past year and love it – mostly. For what it is, it does it fairly well. The software/app could improve, but the hardware (what’s for sale here) has been pretty good (did have to replace the Flex band after a year, though).

So good, in fact, that I was just about to upgrade to the Charge HR (for the same price that a Flex goes for normally)… until I read this article:

So I guess I won’t be replacing my chest strap HR monitor tonight (regardless of its accuracy or discomfort)… more research is needed now… dang it!

No you can’t.

A new Charge HR is $150 ($120 first week of Dec)

A new Charge is $90 on Amazon, but I’d act fast.

A new One is still $100

Bought two in the November sale. Wife’s is still working, mine died last night.

Now I have to decide if I want to eat the cost (the Charge, it was 10 bucks cheaper in November), or try to fight with the non-Fitbit warranty people.

This sucks.

I got a refurbished HR for my mother for Christmas. It didn’t work right out of the package. Called the number, they sent me a shipping label, and I sent it back. No replacement yet, but I only returned it a week ago. Still, I’m skeptical that the money you save with the refurbished version is worth the hassle.

I always work out with a chest strap HR monitor. I received a Charge HR for Christmas. For the past week I have been wearing both during my work outs. I have been surprised (pleasantly) at how close the readings from the two devices have been - each time that I’ve checked.

The article states that the woman who initiated the lawsuit got her accurate HR from the “hand-grip heart monitor on her StairMaster.” I have frequently found the hand grips on exercise equipment to be inaccurate.

I have had a charge HR for almost a year and haven’t had any problems.

We bought a charge from woot on black Friday. My son split the band on the back. I live-chatted with fitbit for about 15 minutes and they’re sending a replacement.

I bought one for my son for Xmas. Never worked. Woot customer service gave me warranty number to call. The people who answered sounded like they were high at home. Waiting on resolution or identify theft. I’d steer clear.

Bought a Flex new about a year ago, love it, bought a refurbed Charge here on a few months ago, big savings, love it, been working great except my girlfriend claims it records more steps than her One does when we’re hiking. I simply deny it. “It’s just a flesh wound!”

Bought 2 refurbished on woot. 1 did not work. The other worked for about a week.

I’ll go back to a Fitbit zip. I’ve used a zip for years with no problems.

Yea, if their servers ever work again. Got mine for Christmas and still haven’t been able to pair it.