Fitbit Flex, Charge, or Charge HR

My unit was issued Charge HRs as part of an assessment and trial phase for a new Army program. Here are my pros and cons:

-Sturdy construction
-Regular-style watch buckle is much more secure than the Flex-style button clasp
-App provides a lot of useful data and the HR monitor is just as accurate as anything you need
-Tracks sleep well which encourages me to get to bed earlier every night
-Customizable interface, meaning that I can choose not to see my stair count (who cares?) while cycling through the modes
-Decent battery life if you don’t have "All day sync: turned on
-Has a stopwatch function

I am on my third Charge HR since September. However, keep in mind that I am extremely active. I have worn it during airborne operations, all throughout Air Assault school (fairly physically demanding), out in the field, in wet weather, etc. So, I honestly think that for a “normal” person, this is a great price for a good fitness tracker. I am thinking about picking one up for my wife so that I can continue to hold off on getting her an Apple Watch (had to hold off on yesterday’s woot).

I’m just lucky that the Army has a warehouse full of these things and is willing to give me a new one every time mine stops working.

I love the charge HR! In addition to being one of the better trackers, the app makes the whole thing come together by motivating me with goals.

I’ve got the Charge HR and like it a lot, but the HR feature is really only accurate at resting speeds, which kind of negates the point of it. I’ll be gasping for air after climbing 6 flights of stairs and my Charge HR cheerfully tells me I’m at a lackadaisical 89 bpm. Mmm hmm. If I had it to do over, I’d save some money and get the Charge, unless Fitbit were to correct this issue. That said, everything else it does, it does well.

It seems like there is some variance in the accuracy between wearers. A brisk walk gets me up to 95-106 bpm while resting is 56-60 bpm. This seems to correspond well with my strap heart rate monitor plus or minus 6-8 beats. The comfortable position for me is on my left arm at a three finger position above my wrist.


A total 12-16 BPM variance may be acceptable to you, but I’ll stick with my $12 Bowflex w/o a strap. I checked it while having a cardiac stress test in a hospital. Off by 1 BPM compared to a million dollars worth of hardware. If you have a resting HR of 60 and your Fitbit is off by 16 BPM, that equals a 26% margin of error. If of by 12 BPM that’s only 20%. Thanks but no thanks until Fitbit sees “FIT” to perform as well as your heart or mine, both of which seem to be in fine shape, I’ll check my BPM the best way I know. My finger and a watch.

Bought from woot battery only lasts a day and a half. Disappointed

Bought 2 Charges the last go around. Bought the wrong sizes. Woot said sorry, will not exchange. Went to FitBit, they said sorry will not exchange. I got screwed outta this deal.

Let the buyer beware.

I’m very sorry. We often don’t have access to inventory to do an exchange but you can return it for a refund. I’ll ping CS.

I bought a Charge HR when it came up last week, got it Tuesday evening, and have been enjoying it ever since. The battery was terrible at first, but after I disabled all-day sync, gestures, and tap, it seems to last longer. After less than a week, I’m really enjoying it too. My dogs are as well. Their daily walk has gotten longer.

The refurb Charge I bought in November got peeling band about 6 weeks ago. I don’t even know if I want another one.

I love my Charge HR. I’ve honestly found the heart rate to be fairly accurate. I don’t worry so much about the exact numbers, but use it more as a gauge of whether I’m getting to used to a certain workout and need to add more resistance.

Hey peeps! I noticed the Surge wasn’t included in this WOOT. Any insight on how often those are offered? Thanks!

My employer gave me a Charge HR in Jan. as part of a wellness program. I liked it quite a bit at first, but after wearing it in a variety of situations it’s proving to be pretty comically inaccurate.

It counts steps for lots of non-walking activities, like driving in a car. A long scooter ride in the hills registered as riding a bike and climbing stairs. It thought I’d ridden bicycle for two hours straight and climbed 280 flights of stairs, all with an average heart rate of about 90. I wish I were in that kind of shape!

The calorie counter routinely says I’ve burned well in excess of 3000 calories a day, some days as much as 4500.

It’s nice for gaming the incentive program I’m in, but not great at tracking actual activity. Trusting this thing too much would lead me to believe I was more active and burning a lot more calories than I really am, kind of counter-productive.

As i mentioned the last time this came up - we are using the fitbit Charge HR for research purposes (>500 units), and I’ve seen about a 20% failure rate across all of the “replace it” issues (sync failures, band damage, update locking, dead battery, etc) over the first 7 months with people going about their daily lives (not doing the intensive stuff you are, and p.s. thanks for your service!). I expect this number to climb to about 30-35% by the end of the warranty period. If you want it to last a year or more, this deal might be risky for you, but for trying it out, go for it!

So have they fixed the app problems? Starting right after Christmas a bunch of people (me included) started having issues with the computer software not recognizing the device.

Be sure that the all day sync option is turned off and the heart rate sensing is set to auto. I also bought a refurb HR from woot and I only got a day and a half with all day sync on but with it off and heart rate set to auto I get 3-4 days.

I bout 2 Fitbit Flex and I cannot seem to set them up. They are fully charged and the computer is reading them but I never get the number to enter to finish the set up. Both have the same issue. I even tries 2 different computer, one a PC and one a Mac. I had no issue with another Fitbit which I bought new. Any ideas?

The Warranty info wayy, wayyyyyy down and the bottom of the Features tab states:

For warranty support, please call 844-477-9429 Monday - Friday from 8:30AM - 12PM; 1:00PM - 5:00 PM PST. As long as you are in the 60 day window there is a no-questions-asked replacement guarantee for any Fitbit item that arrived defective. You will receive a replacement Fitbit with a return label for the defective unit.

You might see if the warranty team has any suggested troubleshooting.

DOA out of the box. Charge, wouldn’t. Sent back to Woot! for a refund.