Fitbit Flex or Charge Wristband

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Fitbit Flex or Charge Wristband
Price: $59.99 - 89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Nov 02 to Thursday, Nov 05) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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10/25/2015 - $59.99 - 89.99 - Click To See Discussion (31 comments)

Anybody know whether these are OK refurbished? (Normally the only refurb I buy is Apple-certified – my refurbished 2006 iMac is still going strong, never had a problem)

They are fine… BUT make sure you get some of the bands that keep the strap connected…

The Friendly Swede Silicone Fasteners for Fitbit Charge Wristband (12 Pack)

I’m sorry I forget where (maybe Amazon) but I was just reading comments discouraging from buying these refurbed because the bands often have problems and you won’t necessarily have the same warranty options through a non-direct provider. These are exposed to the elements and can get worn down quickly - not the equivalent of a refurb Mac/PC which I’d buy in a heartbeat if I was saving enough $.

Too much of a gamble to save $20-30 if you ask me. Plus I’m saving up for the Charge HR!

For the cost conscious person looking for a fitness/sleep tracker the Xiamoi Mi Fit is the best option.

It is the chinese knock off and are about $20.

I lost one after a long hike and wasn’t even that sad I just bought another one.

I have had a new one and a refurb, The new one I lost because of the band issue. (They do come off very easily) As I said before, there are third party products that are very inexpensive that keep the bands secure.

These are not waterproof…

damn…i just hit purchase but didnt check the stats. No continuous heart rate?

If there are no continuous heart rate, is there a stationary heart rate? or a click to measure your heart rate. Or am I forced to count seconds

Mine died around 5 months shortly after firmware update to version 110. I lost my clip and almost my fitbit the first month in. I bought a replacement clip and some cheap bands to keep the Charge from falling off again from amazon. The replacement clip actually fit better than the original. This is not well made. The contacts on the back are fully exposed to your sweat during workouts. I think that might be why mine quit working. Also, a lot of people are having problems with battery life when updating to version 110 firmware. This thing should hold a charge and be fully functional for 6+ days. After the firmware update, people are lucky to get 2 days on a full charge. Also, with no heart rate monitor, this thing isn’t worth more than $25 in my opinion.