Fitbit Flex or Charge Wristband

Nope. No price could convince me to buy one of these. I’ve had three Fitbits (two of the One model and an Ultra) – all have has problems, and Fitbit’s support was terrible.

rajkant whined about the restocking fee, and my reply was:

How could you reasonably expect different? This is a site whose business revolves around once-a-day deals and fast turnaround of items, this ain’t Walmart. If you had buyer’s remorse 30 seconds after buying an item in that environment… man, that’s entirely your own fault and a restocking fee is reasonable. (Canceling an order on a daily order site IS a disruption, that YOU caused, that YOU should have a hand in making good.)

There’s a sixty day warranty on them. I bought one on black Friday which was dead on arrival :confused:

I’ll second this suggestion! I bought Fitbit Charge on woot a couple months ago. After 3 times having it come off my wrist and not even feeling it when it happened, I searched for and found these little wonders. Makes it much more secure and haven’t had a problem since.

It was a really poor design for the clasps on these bands.

How would these work for people with larger wrists? It says that the Large band supports wrists up to 7.9", which is close to an inch smaller than mine (8 5/8" at the smallest point). Guessing they’re not meant for people with larger frames.

Your only option would be order directly through where you they sell the Charge in XL (for full price of course). That appears to be the only one they sell in XL these days. I am pretty sure they used to offer others in XL too but not anymore.

The description of this product says it will come with both the large and small wristband. It does not. I purchased this product the last time it was for sale and it only came with one. I informed Woot that this is a violation of the fair advertising act of 2014.

[MOD: You bought the Charge. You choose S or L. The Flex comes with 2 bands.]

Where? Link, please.

Here Ya Go!

Which one did you buy? If you bought the Fitbit Flex, then yes, you get both but if you bought the Fitbit Charge, it clearly states Size Small fits 5.5"-6.5", Large fits 6.5"-7.9". Refer to this sizing guide to be sure you get the right fit.

Woah - just realized this was a 30% ($10) price increase since the last sale where I bought one. I placed an order this morning for the rest of the family as they have all been very interested in my one - but now not so happy.

Come one Woot - I think there should be a price adjustment on this. Increasing price??

so this doesn’t come with the usb dongle?

Mine doesn’t need one, it connects through Bluetooth with my phone.

to connect to a MAC can you use the built in bluetooth?

It comes with the USB dongle.

Sorry. That was our special Black Friday pricing. This is nothing Monday.

I don’t know much about fitbits, but I think my son might enjoy one. However, how useful is a fitbit flex with only a linux desktop to sync to (there are apparently some unofficial rudimentary tools). We only run linux at home, and we have no smartphones. We do have a kindle fire tablet, maybe we could bend over backwards to get a fitbit android app onto there?

EDIT: I see now there is a fitbit app in Amazon’s Appstore for Android. Does that mean I could download that app on Kindle Fire HD and sync fitbit flex to the tablet with usb cable?

Not bad.

I bought the Charge about a month ago from Woot. I love it. The reason the price on these will fall is because people are moving to the newer Heart Rate versions for added data.
For those that wonder what is the purpose of something that is basically a pedometer… it’s the website that is where the magic is at. Make sure this comes with the dongle, otherwise you have to download the app to load your data to the site. The site will display several stats and widgets that help you keep track of your diet so you can hit your goal weight in the amount of weeks you choose depending on how hard you tell it you are wanting to work at it. It keeps track of your daily activity and updates the website as long as the fitbit is within range of your phone or computer dongle. You overate so far today? It tells you how many additional calories you need to burn in the day on top of what you’ve done already to get back at your goal.
You get a weekly summary email of calories in vs calories out for the week (if you log your food, which is easy to do). They also have groups you can join where people like you cheer each other on and have a friendly competition of daily or weekly steps, floors, distance covered.
The fitbit also automatically tracks your sleep. It’s not perfect, but I don’t bother correcting it, but it is neat to see the chart of periods of time during the night on how restless I was.
I also managed to somehow take 14,000 steps and climb 100 floors while driving for several hours the other day. I was worried that would screw up my weekly stats, but fitbit had a help section showing me how to enter ‘Driving’ as an activity over those hours and negate those false steps and floors.
The fitbit was tough to snap on when I first got it, but it has gotten easier as I have used it more, but it occasionally snaps off, so get one of those cheap plastic or rubber ties another customer posted above to help you keep from losing your fitbit.

Woot’s going to hate me for this (but, I’ll always love you, Woot)!! Can you share the info about the 3d party company that your company uses that runs that program?