Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch

Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch

There is an active recall on the Ionic due to the batteries occasionally imploding on themselves. Probably not a worthwhile purchase. @ThunderThighs

Or very worthwhile if you send it in… Fitbit is paying $299 if you return them through the recall program.

Thanks. I let the team know.

Without confirming or denying anything, I may have done that last time, as well as this time.


(Throw in 3.5% cashback, as well as some coupon usage, and the profit grows.)

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My order was cancelled.



At least the watch from last month was delivered.

I emailed that time too but everyone ignored me. :sob:

If it makes you feel better, you weren’t completely ignored then.

I just got this email:

Nice! Took a month but yay!