Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Or, your spouse!

I’ve had mine since October of last year (was able to be an early adopter) and am very satisfied with it. I had the fitbit one previously and was looking to take my training to the next level.

Male, 27 years old, in mediocre/ok fitness

Purchased one about a week and a half ago to use for runs and to get a better idea on how many calories I would burn a day. I returned it after a week. The HR monitor is glitchy at best, clocked me at 90-115 bpm while sitting at my desk for awhile more often than not (I know my resting HR is around 70-75 bpm). Then it would drop down very suddenly back down to 75 bpm (maybe within about 3-5 seconds). It clocks “very active minutes” which I used for cardio (and it worked quite well) but it wouldn’t count when I lifted weights. That was alright and understandable until I discovered it would give me the “very active minutes” for making breakfast and getting dressed in the morning while simply walking around my apartment. I think the Surge is a bit too overstretched. The Fitbit’s that only count steps are great but added HR and GPS is asking it to do too much. Then again maybe I had a faulty product. Not worth the $150 extra dollars to get the upgraded version rather than the Fitbit Flex.

Meh, I have the Fit Bit Charge and it’s REALLY finicky about which Android devices it will pair with. My device (Motorola Atrix HD) DOES have bluetooth 4.0 LE and can find the Charge to pair, but the device WILL NOT PAIR, despite the compatible radio.

Before you get this (admittedly different model) you’d better check that your smartphone is compatible with the watch, otherwise the utility of the watch is pretty much negated.