Fitbit Surge

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Fitbit Surge
Price: $149.99
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Had a Surge for years before the watchband started to come apart from the device until it finally snapped. I went with the Blaze instead of another Surge and while I miss having onboard GPS it is MUCH thinner and the color screen is a nice feature.

If you like to run/bike without a phone though this is the best tracker.

And when you do have your phone the fact that it pushes call/text and not every. single. notification your phone gets is perfect. Oh and the music control comes in handy too

4.3 Stars over at Best Buy

INteresting to see the positive feedback above - been through 3 different FitBit models and they all broke within a few months. Replaced under warranty was painless but then was in a rinse/repeat cycle. Every 3-4 months the display would crap out. Or it wouldn’t charge right, Or the battery life went to garbage. Buyer beware on the FitBit stuff. I have had much better luck with a different companies tracker (G****n). You have been advised…

I bought one last year, then the band broke. I thought, no big deal, I’ll get a new band, but you can’t. It’s riveted to the watch, and Fitbit won’t sell you a replacement. I was lucky enough that my 1 year warranty was in effect, so FitBit sent me a second whole watch. I wore the first one until it completely failed, and am now on the second, but I never would have bought this had I known you had to throw the whole thing away just if a band breaks. I’d suggest skipping it for a different model, such as the Blaze, that has a replaceable band.

Right. I love my Surge but am on my third or fourth? I’ve had a display crack, band come apart, and I received one that didn’t vibrate. I wear it so much including at night that I occasionally get a rash and have to take a couple days off so I switch back to my Fitbit one. Despite the problems it’s easy to use and has the best user interface to track fitness metrics. I own a garmin, timex, and Apple Watch, and this is my go to 5 days out of 7 a week. To your point above, Fitbit customer service is great as long as your device is under warranty. Check your credit card terms and conditions and purchase with a card that extends the warranty by a year if at all possible or opt for square trade. Odds are you will use it.

I would too, but GPS on a fitness watch is a must have for me (a runner).

Why buy anything from Fitbit? They obviously don’t care about consumers. Crappy products, kill off Pebble… save your money.

Why is the watch showing a pulse rate of 135 when it isn’t on a wrist of a person doing exercises?

Does this still have the warranty from Fitbit even though the box is not sealed?

We are giving it a 90-day Woot warranty.