Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker


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I poked around for an owner’s manual - the bullets on operating and non-operating temps are taken verbatim from the owner’s manual. Right down to the “-0”.

Had one of these it went ‘belly up’ just out of warrenty…Fitbit not at all helpful.

Considering how old this tech is, I don’t think this is a good deal. These used to retail for $80-$100 and be marked down to $40/50 on clearance a few years ago. Doesn’t look like they have overhauled the device or anything that would merit the new inflated MSRP.


This is not a deal at all. I recently bought 1 for $25 new. These are really old, their oldest tech. They never had the retail price suggested, and even at their peak sold for $60 at WalMart. I have bought a few over the years. They are great, but limited compared to new products.

I used to have a non-wrist FitBit that I used the heck out of for years. It was smaller than this, though – sort of like a tie clip.

This is a real mystery. It’s not on FitBit’s site at all, nor in their online shop, nor on their support site. Clearly they are really proud of it!

Won’t work for me:
“Maximum operating altitude: 30,000 feet (9,144 m)”

I had a Zip a few years ago. I paid around $30 for it. It was simple to operate and did not have all sorts of extra features that I didn’t need. I really liked it until I lost it. It did not stay clipped securely enough depending on where it was clipped. Anyway, I wanted to get a new one but found that the price had shot up to over $100. I don’t understand why they are so much more now, they don’t seem to have any more advanced features than my original one. I would only buy this if it were $40 or less.


This is a weird “not sold any more” kind of anomaly. A FitBit Versa, which is a dang top-tier full-up smart watch with about a million more features, is $120 on Amazon, and this is $170 on Amazon?

As my dad used to say, I can’t afford to save that kind of money.

What the crap? Did you misplace your decimal point, and you really meant to price these at $7.99? They weren’t even worth $80 when I got mine in 2013.

The pricing on this is confusing to be sure. I bought my parent’s one each to get us exercising, we all like tracking our steps, mapping our walks and such. They wanted the cheapest trackers Fitbit had so I got them these, I thought they were around $60-75 new. I splurged on a Fitbit Flex 2. My folks liked that the Zip had a replaceable watch battery, they didn’t want a rechargeable one like mine. My parent’s trackers both stopped working after about 2 years, right around the same time my Flex 2 gave up the ghost. Like others said, Fitbit only offered me 25% off a new tracker. I feel their products don’t last and they won’t stand behind them. Done with them.