FITCRUNCH Protein Bars,18-Pack

FITCRUNCH Protein Bars,18-Pack

For those of you who are Costco members, the Pb 18 pack can be had for $20 delivered. A little cheaper in warehouse. Sadly, they don’t have the other flavors.

Sam’s club has the exact same product for $18.34. But you’d probably have to drive to the store.

Also, seems weird that Woot would bother listing an item if they only offer a 1% discount.

Woot! is weird. What are you going to do?

Jimmy Fallon Oops GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Post about it. Worry about it. Lose sleep over it.

If time allows, write a book about it. If time does not allow, a short story.

Nah… don’t do that. :slight_smile:

You have your whole life ahead of you… go outside instead. Have fun!

How about I write the book/short on my deck?