FitDesk 4010 Recumbent Bike with Desk

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FitDesk 4010 Recumbent Bike with Desk
Price: $199.99
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I have an old Schwinn Airdyne with the book reading attachment and it’s completely useless because it jiggles like a stampede of hurricanes in an earthquake on an erupting volcano…

Good luck with your purchase and may The Schwartz be with you

Damn woot. Could you find a few pictures of the pure white product not in a pure white background? My eyes don’t squint that much anymore.

Looks like the lady is levitating.

I’m not sure how experience with a completely different product is relevant.

I have the upright FitDesk and it doesn’t jiggle or wobble at all. It’s not meant to give you a high-powered workout like a gym bike is, but you wouldn’t be able to do much else while using it if it were. It will, however, keep you moving while you’re working on something else, which is its goal.

I used a normal stationary bike with a device like this to do computer work (or play solitaire freecell) while exercising

I bought an older version of this from Woot! a while back and LOVE it. Very quiet, folds up nicely and is pretty comfortable. This one has a better seat back. The one on mine is much smaller. I wish it had this one.

I use this with an app called BitGym. I have nothing to do with that company. The app allows you to virtually walk/run/bike through all different cities and countries and uses the camera to determine how fast you are moving and that determines how fast the roadway moves. It’s the best app I ever bought. It has some features that are free. I highly recommend it if you have a treadmill without a screen or a bike with a desk to hold a tablet.