FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

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FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar
Price: $199.99
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Condition: New


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Man, I bought this for $50 more about a month ago! And have barely used it! But it’s super-quiet and takes up surprisingly little space, so I’m seriously considering another one for a different room. Also, I’m really good at putting it together now. Actually, it’s also incredibly easy to put together.

The desk would be a nice addition to a real bicycle, so bike commuters could work on their way to work like bus commuters do.

Might make it a little bit dangerous though.

serious saddle sores after a full day on this thing.

Meh. Look closely at the 1-star reviews over at the mother ship. After a bit of use, it can get noisy. Mine did. It’s really annoying. Wish I could return it. I’ve read all the suggestions on how to fix the noise, but none have worked. The noise is coming from inside the mechanism, not the peddles as some suggest. Another case of you get what you pay for. Should have invested in something better. Maybe I just got a lemon.

c’mon, Woot - howza bouta nice Aeron for $300 instead?

What are the dimensions of the package this ships in?

Another short sighted product, should have put some windings in it to provide a 12v dc/120v ac generator - why waste your desk pedaling.

I don’t need one of these but would almost buy it for the well written product pitch. Nice job, wootbot.

Issues I’ve seen…

  1. keyboard stickiness from dried perspiration

  2. Serious butt sweat stains after 20 minutes use. Really noticeable when you’re walking around.


I was going to pull the trigger on this and then I realized I only have a 300 watt power supply…

If you haven’t tried one, don’t knock it. THIS IS AN EXERCISE BIKE that has a desktop so you can browse the web while you work out. It is NOT intended to be used all day at work. Some of you people amaze me!

I bought one of these from Amazon for $100 more several months ago. I spend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes a day on it and love it. So far I have not had any squeaky noises coming from it, so maybe it has been fixed at the factory.

I have a blown out knee and this is the only kind of leg workout I can get. I ride it with the resistance set to 3. It is still enough of a workout to get me sweating after 45 min or so.

This is an excellent price for this small bike. I am 6’ 230lbs and it fits me perfectly, though!

It was the pitch that kept me from buying it. Yeah, funny little jabs at fat white guys but “All they did was find it?” Seriously? Learn some history! Our Founding Fathers implemented a form of government that had never existed because it gave so much freedom to the people. Then they predicted the populace would screw it up by voting themselves money. Which is exactly what happened. Which is why what they started looks nothing like what we have. Fat white guys also “found” a bunch of other countries that never had the freedoms we have had.

I’ve had one of these for a couple years and I love it. It’s very quiet, folds up nicely when needed. I put some tool-box mat down on the desk to keep the laptop from slipping (they might have added this, mine is two years old).

Overall a great purchase. Love being able to surf while I ride. Customer service is terrific. I use it all the time. Can get through a 2-hour soccer match without even thinking about it. I use the desk for a laptop, or an iPad, or in one case, to sort through and file a huge box of paperwork. Wish I’d bought it sooner!

Don’t pedal backwards, it will loosen the pedals.

P.S. I wouldn’t use this all day at work, either. Your butt would get sore, just like if you rode an outside bicycle for 8 hours. And yes, if you do it right, you sweat. Your call if you want to be all sweaty at work.

Sensitive, much? This site is a combination comedy/sales business. Don’t take everything so serious, fatherluke! They were kidding around!

I have had mine about a month and love it. I paid 50 dollars more, but considering I got free shipping and paid not sales tax, it was about the same price here. I use it everyday and have built up to 25 minutes a day. It was easy to assemble, just read the instructions first. It is very quiet and very well made. The only plastic is the drawer and desk. The back rest is a nice addition and the monitor is adequate. Mine had a broken area along the side of the desk and I emailed Fitdesk customer service and within 2 days I had a new desk at my door. I really did not need a new desk since the broken one did not affect the operation of the bike. Anyhow, they have superb customer service and want everyone to be happy.
And to add, Made in the USA.

Yeah, the included bike seat is a little hard IMO. However, I bought a gel one on Amazon to slip on top of the existing one, and now it’s a lot more comfortable.

Too soon?