FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

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FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar
Price: $199.99
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Condition: New


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4.5 Stars over at Walmart

$289 at amazon with 4.5 stars

For those who saw the treadmill/desk photo with the model in short heels talking on a cell phone while a laptop was on the desk, don’t you wish you had saved that photo?

It was soooo 2016. Unless you are a hipster…and then you viewed it with disdain.

At $1,045, I am guessing it didn’t sell (rather than having sold out).

Woot, when you put up a recliner with a shiatsu back massager, multiple remote controller pocket, beer cooler/holder and TV dinner tray for under $200; I’ll consider the purchase as a FitChair v3.0 and bite.

This is Mr. Fielding Mellish, one of our company’s research testers, who will demonstrate the Execu-ciser:


P.S. Or if you want just the picture without all the surrounding clutter:,441.jpg

I am actually pedaling my FitDesk as I type this, having bought one a few months back when Woot previously had it on sale for the same price. I like it quite a lot – it pedals smoothly both forward and backward, has a wide range of tensions, is quiet. It seems sturdy and stable. It took my engineer husband about an hour to assemble.

Since I write for a living, plus have a very sick Facebook addiction, I can spend a lot of time at my computer. Since sitting too much is now seen as an independent risk factor for various illnesses, even if one works out regularly, I’m pleased to have a way to keep moving as I work. Plus this takes up far less room than a walking workstation would, while costing far less.

Only two negatives, both fixable: One, my butt was getting pretty sore from the saddle. I went to the FitDesk site and looked it up. They’re adamant that your butt adjusts and the seat softens up. However, they also linked to a fleece saddle cover they said fit their saddle, and worked better than gel. I now have one, and it does seem to have improved matters some.

Two, the desktop is too small – or my laptop is too big – for me to use a mouse, so I’m stuck with the touchpad and touchscreen. Desk extenders that double the desktop space are available, and will fix that problem; I’ll get one soon. As a bonus feature, the extender has a cup-holder.

Other than that, no complaints. I look forward to a future of improved circulation. :slight_smile:

A massage bar is attached? Hope this woot has a happy-er ending.