Fitness Accountabilibuddies

Are you a fitness buff? Are you just starting out? Are you CONSIDERING starting out but can’t seem to drag yourself away from the armchair?

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I want to start by saying, I don’t want to use this to hock any kind of product, UNLESS it’s something that has popped up on Woot of course. The biggest thing I’m looking for here is a place for all of us to check in, to record progress, and above all, encourage others to start up or keep it going!

We are all gonna have our slumps, our bad days/weeks/months, but sticking to a workout with friends (or just like-minded people in general) helps us to stick to the plan much more consistently than not.

So how about it? Anyone up for keeping each other accountable, giving out our favorite recipes (both healthy and “cheat day”), our accomplishments, and a zero-judgement mentality for our downfalls? I’d love to talk with all of you. :slight_smile:

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I guess I’ll start things off! I was on a weight loss journey before the BIG DAY last month, and through keeping a calorie-deficit (but healthy, tracking macros, keeping a maintainable intake) and a steady 3x/week visit to the gym, I lost 18 pounds over the course of a few months. The biggest challenge was to stay juuuuust about the same size for the last two months, since I’d had my dress taken in and any major shift would make it not work any more.

After a very stressful (but FUN) month, I’m finally back at the gym as of this past Friday. I also went yesterday, and I want to keep up a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. I start off with stretches, then to about 20 minutes on weights for a particular muscle area (Friday was arms/shoulders and a little lower back, yesterday was leg day, YOWCH), and finishing with 30-60 minutes on the elliptical.

My goal is to build up some muscle, upper body in particular, and to trim down the jigglier parts of my body, because nobody here is getting any younger, am I right? :sweat_smile:


Planks are very good for core and upper body. Like yoga, it is about proper alignment and holding that alignment.


True! I may have to do a few of those once the boss heads out today. My Wednesday gym day has gotten derailed by some schedule changes, and I’m still feeling pretty sore from straining my neck yesterday, as well as Monday being a brutal leg day, but I think planks would be an amazing quick-fix to get me moving today!

I lead the shop in flex-and-stretch this morning, which includes some light aerobics (much to some workers’ dismay LOL), and I have two big chai protein shakes and a grilled chicken caesar salad (leftovers from last night’s dinner) to keep me going through a 10.5 hour workday (not to mention a large supply of coffee). Tonight, I’m using the rest of the leftover chicken to supplement spaghetti and garlic bread for the family, while I work through some vegetable beef stew I made the other night (I’m gluten free, but the rest of the house still loves their “real” pasta)!

What’s on your plates today? Anyone got a workout planned, maybe a walking break at work?

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Good morning! Got another flex-n-stretch aerobics with the shop guys this morning, and since I’m by myself in the office today, I’ll be doing some body-weight exercises (including planks, @Queen89!) while catching up on my favorite podcasts/info videos, namely the Duncan Trussell Family Hour and Geographics. I also listen to DTFH while I’m doing my stretches and weights at the gym, unless I really want to listen to some angry music to get me going.

What’s everyone doing for dinner tonight? My kids want to have a healthy batch of Pizza Rolls :roll_eyes: :rofl: I’m due for a grocery run, so looking for some tasty ideas, preferably gluten free or easy to make into a GF meal!

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I love this! So here’s what I do. I use the Peloton app and take classes with that. I have a non-peloton bike, but for half the cost it’s the same thing (Schwinn IC4). Currently I’m on a several week self-imposed break to give the body a rest and recharge because I was going 6 days a week since April and just needed the break. If anyone is into Peloton strength classes, I would highly recommend joining the Hardcore on the Floor Facebook Group. There is a calendar that 150k people use every month designed for you to get stronger! It’s also a really fun way to stay motivated and see everyone’s fitness journeys.

The basic structure is: Monday Lower body, Tuesday Upper Body, Wednesday Full Body, Thursday Active Rest day with Yoga and Pilates, Friday Lower body, Saturday is Upper Body, Sunday is Active Rest day usually yoga and a 20-min walk. At least 5 of the days I also paired the strength training with a 20-30 min spin-bike ride.

It’s definitely tough to do, but you can pick and choose what you want to do from the calendar or just use the structure as a base of what you want to do. It helps because I never want to plan my own workouts so having someone else do it for me kept me motivated.


Plank update:


Checking in on a Sunday! We’re walking around in downtown Charleston, just had to hoist ourselves up four stories via staircase since the elevator is out of order. Had a high protein breakfast of eggs and a caffeinated shake, lunch was a not-entirely-healthy steak nachos, but it’s one of our Sunday favorites.

And I may also be partaking in some adult beverages filled with lower calorie than most options. :joy: Everyone deserves a little break here and there, right?


Oof, I’m gonna say, I really tried yesterday, but all signs pointed to “go home and take your mind off things”. Got another long work week ahead of me, and I felt pretty dehydrated, but hey, I gotta make it to the gym, right? At least get some muscles stretched and weights lifted.

So I did that after a brain-taxing day at work, was feeling great during my stretches… then for the first time in a long time was eyeballed by a gym creeper, at point blank range. Gave him the benefit of the doubt and moved on… then he followed me two more times, even after “hiding” on the other side of the gym each time. Got a good thirty minutes or so of gym time, but ughhhh.

I got home and slowly worked my way down an entire liter of water between dinner (one of the nifty rice-noodle ramen bowls that were on sale here the other day, and three hard boiled eggs), watched a great documentary while cooking a cake for my kid’s Halloween party for Wednesday afternoon, and caught up on Animal Crossing.

I’m still sore from what I did manage to work on yesterday, and I want to attempt a good cardio session today… I call it a win since I made it there, but UGH, all signs pointed to “why didn’t you just go HOME” :expressionless:


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In order, rank the planks from 1 being the easiest to 5 being the hardest. Here are the options: Bear plank, standard plank, forearm plank, side plank, kill me now plank (which isn’t a plank but whenever they say to plank for 1 minute, I get into the kill me now mode).
Here’s my rankings:

  1. Forearm Plank
  2. Standard Plank
  3. Bear Plank
  4. Kill Me Now
  5. Side Plank

I stick mostly with arm/elbow planks.

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I only plank in the morning before I shower and get ready for the day. Let’s me rid myself of lactic acid all day so I do not stiffen up as I sleep. Works for me anyways.

I don’t know names of planks, but the burner for me is up on toes, elbows bent 45* and stretching out left arm/right leg, back to formation, repeat opposite leg/arm. Usually, everything gets worked really good. I have made it to 3 repetitions without dying.

@usagisailor take a spray bottle set on stream. Train that creeper like a cat!


Oh, I’ve got a bottle of pepper spray, does that count?


I think this would be called the Bird Dog plank (maybe?). In my workouts, I often start with this, but with knees on the ground instead of off the ground like in a plank. It’s a good warm up for sure.




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I had the ultimate Week from Hades last week… late at work on all the days I had slated for the gym, other than Creeper Monday, though I could have made up for lost time on Saturday, I royally screwed up my neck/shoulder to the point of just staying in bed, minus a bit of laundry and a shower.

But I’m gonna make another attempt today, to at least get to the stretch cage, get some lower body stuff done, and maybe clock some time on the elliptical as long as I don’t have any strange men in fishing caps following me around the place again.

How was everyone else’s Halloween? :crazy_face:


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Man, those pups are RIPPED.