Fitness Activity Monitors

On Amazon

Yea I was just going to say it’s $7 cheaper for the black one on Amazon before shipping. How is this a deal at all?

Links to Amazon for price matching purposes should be sold by Amazon and not outside sellers.

That said, the LG watch looks like a good addition to my G3 android phone, but just too concerned about having to charge an extra gadget.

It’s a lifestyle change that has too high of a cost for me even at a low price.

Why aren’t there activity tracking apps available for android which don’t suffer from permission overload?

The LG app is ridiculous – you don’t need my contacts, LG! You just don’t. Even the Sketchers app, while much more reasonable, wants to know what apps are running or look at my bookmarks. You don’t need that info, folks.

Do either of these have apps that work in Windows or on Windows phones?

Continuously kicking myself for getting a Windows phone, but you would think more of the devices would be compatible with a Windows computer.

I don’t think it would be difficult to figure this out based on the manufacturer’s product page. I’d expect that there aren’t windows-phone apps. It’s just not a viable platform.

While looking at the price comparison, did you bother reading the reviews ? 70 1* and only 20 5*

The Skechers one is not very useful. It monitors steps and sleep, but it’s not very easy to access your data, even from the current day. Not much better than an old fashioned pedometer.

This tracker would not stay connected to my phone. ALERT! It works with Android 4.3…period. Not 4.4. That is according to Smart Beat, the software company, who makes the Go Walk app.
As far as the iPhone goes, I don’t know.
Definitely a buyer beware item.