Fitness and Strength Training

I’m not really sure what the guy with the rings is doing and I don’t think he knows either.

It’s a type of pushup.

I purchased the Bowflex BodyTower last time it was on woot for the same price. Great product, it was very easy to put together. Took me less then 45 minutes (Put in mind I used my own tools and not the ones provided). It is a very sturdy tower, it has a bit of a wobble but that is the way it is suppose to be. Once you put your weight on it it is totally stable. I’m seeing results with this item too, its a great tool to add to any workout.

Also woot shipping was pretty spectacular 5 dollar shipping and it was at my door in just a few days.

Do you get all shiny, like the guy in the picture, if you buy some WOOT-fitness stuff??

I’d suggest watching the Accessories sales for a tub of body butter or something of the like. :wink:

Does the reebok 360 come with a DVD?

I’m also curious if it comes with the DVD.

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I’ve gotten word from the buyer that the DVD is NOT included in the Reebok Push-Up 360 Sale.

Thank you guys for your inquiry.

I wonder if these Gaiam Multi-Color Hand Exerciser Balls are a deal. That 6" circumference only works out to about a 2" diameter ball.

Size-wise, I don’t know if it’s a good deal, but over at Amazon, you only get 3 for this price:

But on Amazon you get one each of soft, medium, and firm resistance and an exercise guide. I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Does anyone have any experience with the FIRM swiss ball. I’ve had some previous ones (from a different maker) bust, and I curious to the durability of the product.

Just to add to what you’re saying. You can use the firm balls to a myofascial releases on tight muscles.