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The NAR labs vanilla deluxe is probably the grossest vanilla flavor I have ever tasted. You get used to it, I guess, but be warned.

The NAR Labs Whey Protein (milk chocolate) is hands down the most disgusting tasting protein powder I’ve ever had the displeasure of buying. I thoroughly regret purchasing it on Woot last time and urge you not to make the same mistake.

Seriously, the stuff tastes just awful, and even mixed with milk it stays a watery consistency instead of making a good shake. Horrible horrible horrible.

For the record, the chocolate Phase8 protein is my favorite, I buy it every time I see it on Woot.

Taste aside, did the NAR Whey work well? 25g of protein per scoop is pretty decent… I usually go with the Phase8 as well but I’m looking to switch things up a bit.

Bring back more Phase 8! We want MOAR

NAR Labs Vanilla is disgusting — there’s a reason it’s on sale.

I bought the Chocolate and the Vanilla.

The chocolate tastes just fine to me. I have yet to try the vanilla one, but if it is anything like the chocolate in the easy taste, it should be cake.

I bought the chocolate and the vanilla when it was on sale last. the chocolate is delicious and the vanilla is far from disgusting, but I do like the chocolate far better so I am mixing them 50 50. this is by far the easiest mixing powder I have dealt with

Not sure why everyone is picking on the flavor of NAR protein, I think the chocolate is just fine. First taste was weird but then I learned to like it. Easy to mix, good amount of protein per gram, and over 20g of BCAA per serving! That is unheard of when most other proteins have 8-10g per serving.

Phase 8 use to be good but the blending problem is getting too much for me. It is ridiculously hard to blend and I use a real blender. By example, even if you pour water directly over the Phase 8 protein, it bounces off! It does not absorb the water like normal protein should.

If the BSN Evolution CellMass is made exclusively for the US Military why is it here for sale?

20g of BCAA per 32g serving or per 100g?