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I believe Smooth Fitness is out of business so the warranty on the sitncycle is useless. Can someone at Woot confirm or deny this?

Looks neat. Is it wobbly? Looks kind of dangerous for older folks, but maybe it’s really sturdy. Seems like it would be cool to switch out my computer desk chair with for part of the day. Anyone know why that wouldn’t work? I’m kind of surprised that wasn’t part of the commercial.

I don’t work for Woot, but I just went to their website and it looks like they’re still in business. “Early in 2013, Smooth Fitness was acquired by a large Philadelphia-area investment firm, which is investing millions of dollars in the Company to enhance the product line, upgrade delivery systems and enrich customer support. Smooth customers past, present and future, can be assured that Smooth will be here to take care of their fitness needs.”

FYI, the BCAA pills are $16/bottle on the “BB” fitness site (with a 9.6/10 rating).

3 bottles for $20/shipped seems like a steal.

The MusclePharm® Arnold Schwarzenegger™ Series ARNOLD IRON Whey™ is 69.99 on GNC. Actually a good deal here on Woot but I’ll still stick with my ON Whey.

Yes, I went to their website also. Did you notice that just about every item is listed as “out of stock.” Also, I clicked that I wanted to chat with a customer service rep and I received a message that their account was no longer in service. I still think one needs to use caution in purchasing the sitncycle, and realize that most likely there will be no warranty. I would still like Woot’s take on this. Anyone from Woot care to comment?

Did you try their phone number or the email address? I’m not sure how one leaps to the conclusion that the company is bankrupt and that there is no warranty just because their chat is down. When I look at the site I see lots of ways to contact them:

Service/Parts Hot Line: (888)-800-1167

And before anyone buys I would suggest trying to contact the company using one of the methods you suggested.
I did a Google search on “smooth fitness out of business” and it returned customer complaints saying they were out of business. I don’t know for sure whether they are or not, I just think one should not assume one way or the other.

I agree one shouldn’t assume one way or the other. I got an answer at the 888 number. Everyone should try it for themselves but you’ll probably get the same results.

Also, the search results for “Smooth Fitness out of business” are all from 2012. As someone already pointed out, they were bought by another company a few years back and are under new management.

Both of those are assumption-free statements.

I’m definitely starting to think that I never should have posted in the first place. I’m really just trying to do a good deed for my fellow wooters.
When I do a Google search for “smooth fitness out of business” it returns results for both 2012 AND 2014.
Anyone thinking of buying the product should investigate for themselves.
I also don’t know why Woot doesn’t seem to want to get involved in this question. Usually when someone posts a product concern Woot chimes in. How about it Woot? What do you know about Smooth Fitness?

I would hope that Woot offering a good price on this one. After doing a search, I found that Amazon is selling this for $24.95. Is that the same product?

The bike…meah! But what about Dorothy Hammill though. Damn, momma is looking good…and she’s flexible. Just saying

Please stay away from the weights. I bought them and was very disappointed. It was difficult to select different settings and put the weights back in the stand. Almost dangerous

Bad Reviews on Amazon.

Any one have any experience with the
New Balance Body TRNr Fitness Watch for iPhone
Some bad reviews at the mother ship but generally around compatibility with Android. I’d be using it with iPhone. Thanks

Did you say you were from the