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TS FIT 25 oz. Stainless Steel Shaker is junk

What’s the model on the NordicTrack Apex Heart Rate Monitor? Is it strapless? It’s not clear from the specs.

A chest strap isn’t included/required.

If anyone has used the Shock Wave, let me know 'cause… I want to make fun of you.

I actually like the design of the agitator but it has taken some adjustment on my part to get the cup working flawlessly.

The biggest problem I had was that it occasionally leaked when I was shaking it. I couldn’t figure it out since it didn’t seem to help to really tighten it down a lot. The gasket seems finicky. My solution is to tighten it until it feels quite snug and test how airtight it is by blowing in the spout. If almost no air is escaping, I know it won’t leak. I also use my thumb and index finger on the protruding parts of the lid in a push/pull to help get it tight.

Also, after going through the dishwasher, the spout lid got significantly harder to put on. I find now that I put the cup on the counter and use the flat of my palm to snap the lid in place. On a positive note, I feel pretty confident it’s not going to spontaneously open while I’m shaking it.

That may be too much trouble for some but the cup is now working very well for me.

There is a strap that comes with it. Not sure, if it is for the chest or upper arm. This is an old monitor, not on the NordicTrack site now. It is listed on Amazon as not available. I’m skipping it, too sketchy.