Fitness & Strength Training

I almost bought these thinking they were regular dumbbells, glad I didn’t.

They’ll still work as regular dumbbells. If the shaking bothers you, duct tape 'em.

Ya might have to. GREAT price on them — but if you search reviews online they really get slammed…

If you know how to use kettlebells, these weights are extremely light for most people, even beginners.

I’d also like to mention my post is somehow being edited to spell “know” without the “k” and “w”… weird. It also just misspelled “the”.

I don’t know what you mean… The posts se**em fine to me.

The Proform is a decent deal. Like mine and have worn it XC skiing and outside when it’s not below zero. Stays on my big head well and I can pull down and cover my ears. Has not stretched out yet, which is a huge plus.

Ohhhh I’ve been noticing that mispelling (“the” vs “teh”) ALL WEEK LONG too! Under many different products and postings too! When I noticed multiple users typing “teh”, I thought hmmm maybe it was new internet lingo being used by the hip younguns that I haven’t heard of yet? Was making my eyes feel slightly googly & dyslexic though! lol

APRIL FOOLS!! :slight_smile: