Fitness & Strength Training

How many more times are we going to see those stainless steel shakers? I think this is like the 6th or 7th time that they’ve been up here?

Until they’re sold out. :tongue:

How can three low-weight kettlebells possibly have a list price of $500? Something smells fishy here.

Simple answer: That’s not the right list price. On the manufacturer’s website that kit is listed at $89 (Nautilus makes both Bowflex and Universal-brand fitness equipment, and sells through the Bowflex website). That’s the proper MSRP. You could argue the “list price” of $129 being an appropriate MSRP also. But saying $499 isn’t just wrong, it’s not even the same ballpark.

Given the fact that the listed MSRP price is so incredibly far from the actual price, I’ll chalk this up to a mistake rather than a poorly-conceived plot to make people think this is a better deal than it is.

I fell for 'em. They’re lousy :-/

The weight bench is $64.99 at wal-mart. So much for a great deal there.

It looks like Woot changed the MSRP from $600 to $130. They should have kept the $600. Now the deal is not so great.

They use gold rather than lead as the ballast. I made almost $10,000 off the last sale!