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The specs in “The Rack All-in-One Gym” only lists DVD, manuals and guides.

*(1) The Rack All-in-One Gym includes:

Nutritional Guide
Fitness Guide & Journal
Workout DVD
Owner’s Manual

So, does it actually includes the hardware?

Can anyone tell me which is the better set of resistance bands? The Phenom or Lifeline bands?

I got the phenol bands in the last sale. On the second day using them the stitching failed in the handle strap whipping the steel end of the band away from me (lucky!) with 60lbs of force. They are incredibly dangerous.

I got a set of Waccess bands on Amazon. I think they were about the same price, maybe a couple dollars more, but they’re awesome. Waccess is a great company.

It’s disappointing that the N.O. Xplode isn’t a better price…

I don’t know, according to Woot the travel size is 79 ounces so that should keep you going for a long while…

good catch, the mothership confirms that the travel size is 7.9 oz (10 servings)


We are very sorry to hear about your experience, and would like the opportunity to make it right with you.

These items have a 1 year warranty and we can send you a free replacement set immediately! Please check your private message inbox for details.

Thanks for your support and talk soon.


The Lifeline bands are great. I paid I think around $10 earlier this year for the set that is now $2.99, and I ordered the $9.99 three cable setup a few days ago. Highly recommend.

I am a long time woot fan. This is the first time I have felt compelled to write write a negative review. While cheap is good… Cheaply made is not… The first time I used the “Phenom Resistance Band Training Set” The “Polypropylene Fiber” strap broke and the heavy gauge carabiner snapped back and struck my foot. Needless to say, this was not pleasant. I hope no one else has to suffer at the hand of this poorly constructed garbage. STAY AWAY! I am just glad it wasn’t the door jam strap that broke. It would have been far worst than a broken bone in my foot… I hope this saves others money and future pain.

Stay Away from the Phenom. It is garbage.