Fitness Supplements: Fit 'N Supple

Pretty good review on the D-pol. Not good as in it works but good as in it’s well written.

I bought 2 of these last time they were sold. With diet and exercise I can tell a difference. It’s not ephedrine but it works. And it WILL keep you up half the night if you take it too late! I’m not usually affected by caffeine but this does.

I purchased these as well the last time out and am back for 2 more of the Chocolate. The taste and consistency is great. if you check around, this is the best price you will find.

I’m a huge fan of the Scivation Novem pre-workout stick thingers - I have taken Jack3d, Superpump, 1MR among others and I’ve found these things to be the best pre-workout I’ve found so far. Usually kicks in about 15-20 minutes after downing it, I can feel the itchy burning on my calves and thighs and I know I’m good to go. Plus the individual wrapping makes it easy to throw a couple in the car and in your desk if you ever feel like working out impromptu. I’m in for 3, thanks for bringing these back woot.

I’m very surprised that you get the tingling from this stuff. That is the beta alanine that you are feeling by the way which is a great ingredient that helps buffer lactic acid during exercise. The only problem is that the effective dose range of beta alanine is 1-3g and this is part of a 680mg proprietary blend that includes creatine monohydrate and l-taurine. Well Creatine should be dosed at 5g and taurine between 1-5g. So basically what I am saying is that the only ingredient in this whole supplement that is probably dosed correctly is the caffeine.

Do yourselves a favor and either find a preworkout supplement with full disclosure of ingredient amounts or just save money and buy caffeine pills.

As for the rest of the supplements I can tell you that D-Pol powder or pills is a good correctly dosed supplement with proven ingredients and a great deal at this price.

Muscletech is a garbage company that puts all of their money into advertising and fancy containers and uses cheap usually improperly dosed ingredients.

Fat Smack and Condense are decent supplements.

Secretagouge is way over priced even at the discount for what you are getting.

The Finaflex combo is decent but better options than those two products exist. I would recommend either one of the D-Pol supplements rather than this stuff.

I have never taken Super Slim 7 but by the ingredient profile it doesn’t look bad.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I’m no expert when it comes to ingredients and doses… But I’ve used RedLine for a few years now and it definitely gives an excellent pre-workout boost. Not sure if this is the product another poster was commenting on, but I know I can’t drink it anytime after 4pm-ish or I’ll experience a very restless night’s sleep. It’s reserved as an effective morning or early afternoon supp for me.

Looking at the fat burners and the preworkouts. I’d be cautious about stacking them together. Right around 400mg - 500mg is a threshold for a lot of people before it gets unhealthy.

Thats a typo on the pwo prepacked sticks. I thought the same thing until you look at the servings (9.9g) and realize its 6g total for that matrix complex and not .6g

I bought two of the TS Fit shaker bottles when they were on sport.woot and they both leak like crazy. One didn’t come with a rubber gasket in the lid and whatever liquid you put in pours out when you shake it, the other which included a rubber gasket doesn’t leak as bad but still has issues.

I would stay way from these, the stainless cup is nice but the lid fitment is terrible.

Test boosters on Woot? I never thought I’d see the day…

Quick opinions:

Purus Labs is a good brand and they make good products. I have used fat smack when I couldn’t get ephedrine and it was decent. The test booster is designed more for… advanced supplement users (as most tboosters are). Usually not worth it to the average person but still a good product if you want to try it. Profile on the Condense PWO looks decent as well, might even give it a try.

Also, don’t buy the PCT stack unless you are using it for it’s intended purpose or else it will be a waste.

As always I personally steer clear of MuscleTech products but to each his own. is a great site for all kinds of reviews on these things.