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These clothes hangers are very expensive.

Manual for the Pure Fitness treadmill:

Looks like you need a screw driver to speed up/slow down the pace of the belt. Doesn’t sound convenient.

The Torque Speed Boxing Gloves don’t list a weight but a search says they’re 16oz. Can Woot confirm this?

Sorry for the late reply.
I’ve forwarded it to Woot Staff to get an answer.
Thanks for your inquiry! :smiley:

It’s not a motorised treadmill, so the pace depends on how fast you run - the screwdriver is to adjust the resistance/tension of the belt.

I was very tempted by that Schwinn Model 125 Bike. Did some research on the various models and found that the model 150 (and the newer model 170) have telemetric heart rate monitoring vs. just contact-meaning that I can wear a chest strap and get constant readings to monitor my workout. The contact readings just don’t allow me to get that type of consistent workout. Here’s hoping one of those other models hits Woot at some point.

Anybody have any thoughts on if one could assemble the cory everson treadmill to go under a standing desk?