Five Count Wine Stave Candleholder with tea lights & glass votives

Five Count Wine Stave Candleholder with tea lights & glass votives
$21.99 + $5 shipping
1 Wine Stave Candleholder
5 Tea Lights & Glass Votives

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Neat…it took a non-wine woot for me to finally claim first sucker. I kept missing out on these every other time they’ve come up. My dining room needs yet ONE MORE wine related accent. :tongue:

In for two. Maybe if I buy enough of them I can recreate the barrel.

I have a nearly-identical Wine Stave Candleholder from a previous woot offering by this company - the only difference is mine doesn’t have glass votives, and fits tea light candles only. I think the glass votives sound like a nice upgrade, as putting naked tea lights in my candleholder means that scraping out the melted wax leftover is a hassle, and could possibly scratch/damage the candleholder. I’m considering getting one of these, maybe even two.

I really love the one I have now - it’s in my bedroom, and I’ve made a little ritual out of it by lighting tea light candles made of natural, raw beeswax scented with lavender essential oil every night before I shower and go to sleep. It scents the room with soothing lavender and the candlelight further creates a relaxing atmosphere. In fact, making a habit of the routine has helped my insomnia significantly!

My candleholder is absolutely beautiful, clearly lovingly hand-crafted and a high-quality, classy piece. Since it doesn’t get much of an audience in my bedroom, I think two more of these with the glass votives would be great for my living room decor.

Highly recommended - functional & decorative.

where’s my monkeywine?

Check out the brain on javadrinker … !

Thats tomorrow

What is this? A reprise of the long ago issued (and quite wonderful) Monkey Prize?

A couple questions about the wine that was made in the barrels from which these staves were salvaged:

Were they organic/biodynamic?

What was the pH and residual sugar?

Also, can these candles be lit now, or should we hold off a year or two?

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if you got the same one I get in '09? I love that one except that the lined tealights I have from Ikea don’t fit in the bored out holes. I haven’t tried non-lined tealights as it sounds like a bad idea anyway. I rarely light it, it’s serves as more of a table piece.

That being said, I bought that one as a gift and loved it so much I ended up keeping it. Thinking I’ll buy 2 this time, one to keep and one to give.

Good evening: This is Pete Troiani with Wine Cask Creations…thanks to all who have placed orders as well as the comments. Please let me know if I can answer any questions regarding the candle holder.



I’ve been looking for these!

Oh no, I’m ashamed to be a human being.

I remember now.

Never mind.

These look like lovely gifts for wine drinkers.

But isn’t there a law against owning staves in this country? Ya’ know, a war was fought…

Oh - never mind…

Is it a problem that the holes on the end appear to be tilted? It seems to me that the candles would burn unevenly, and the flame could get too close to the votive holder.

Thanks for the question. We have been using this type of candle holder with these glass votives for the past 5 years and have had no problem. The candles seem to burn pretty evenly.

The reason I bore the ends at an angle is so that they follow the curve of the stave.



In for three. We love the idea for ourselves, Mom loves her wine (God knows) and my brother’s family is moving to a new place - it’s their home warming gift. I hope it’s decent.

I wondered that myself. Seems odd that the bores for the candles at the ends wouldn’t be tapered to be horizontal.

I wondered that myself. Seems odd that the bores for the candles at the ends wouldn’t be tapered to be horizontal.

When you coming out to SoCal again? I haz Petit Verdot!