Five Count Wine Stave Candleholder with Tea Lights & Glass Votives

Five Count Wine Stave Candleholder with Tea Lights & Glass Votives
$21.99 + $5 shipping
5 Tea Lights & Glass Votives
1 Wine Stave Candleholder

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Buy this? Picard says ‘make it so’.

Had to just stop in to make a comment that info on this his hilarious. Saw the title and was instantly “PICARD!!!”

It just keeps coming back, doesn’t it?

Something to do with that space time continuum thing . . .

The line must be drawn…HERE!

Am I the only one who read “Oh, good then! Off you go!” and immediately thought of Monty Python & The Holy Grail - Bridgekeeper & Lancelot?

Got one of these up in Vail, CO from a local dealer. It’s my kitchen table centerpiece! Love the underside where the red wine has made its permanent stain.

Correction Cesare: Previous offer: Every single wine woot-off


either a bad picture or simple design flaw nixed it for me. the candles are tilted meaning the holes are a plain circle and not angled to make the candle be straight. this would annoy me and cause the candle to burn faster also.

I bought one of these March 31, it took almost 2 weeks just to ship it another week to receive it and then the glass was all broken. I still have not received a replacement.


This is Pete Troiani with Wine Cask Creations…sorry to hear about the broken glass votive. If you would like me to look into it for you I will.