Five Friends Sauvignon Blanc (6)

Five Friends Australian 2008 Sauvignon Blanc 6-Pack
$46.99 (Normally $66.00) 29% off List Price
2008 Five Friends Sauvignon Blanc, Central Ranges Australia
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When I see Australian Sauvignon Blanc, I immediately think grapefruit bomb! Is that the case here?

Oh i get it! At this price it’s perfect to share 6 bottles with you and five of your best friends!
Great party!

is it wrong that I am excited when a wine doesn’t ship to my state (Connecticut) - So that I don’t have to make a decision…

Hmm, wrong? Definitely not wrong. However, as a fellow nutmegger I find myself frustrated by that more often than excited. Had to have wine shipped to my brother once. Now I’m waiting for Thanksgiving so I can have some Used Automobile Parts.
I wonder how much money Connecticut wants from these wineries to allow shipping here?

there is a wooter in Purchase, NY, if that is convenient to you who is always willing to wootleg.
PM me if you want his info.

Apparently I have a buying problem and not a drinking problem.
Right now I have too much wine (yes there is such a thing) and am not home enough (work travel) to drink it, so I am often pleased to be NOT tempted.

A spammer on a Sun. morning, is all. There’s that little tattle button to alert someone.

We purchased a case of this wine last time it came around. We enjoyed it but, always end up with a nasty headache. Much more then other wines.

aged in oak or stainless steel??
the answer may just seal the deal…
yep, i know it rhymes

Next time try drinking 2 glasses instead of 2 bottles and you won’t have that problem :wink:

New enough I can’t figure out how to send private messages…

There is a wee little mail icon next to everyone’s username on the left column. Click it and it’ll enable you to send them a private message.

Unless you are using certain versions of IE and have wonked out security settings that make it disappear. There was a thread on this within the past couple months, but I don’t think we ever heard exactly what setting it was for the fix.

The correct setting is to use Firefox or Chrome instead of IE. :wink:

Is someone gonna say anything about the wine? lol

Always wondered what the tattle button was for…

I’m normally a sucker for SB, but looking at the prior offering, this looks more like too old SB sold as a closeout. Sadly, pass.