Five Piece Art Sets

These are awesome. but oh man. Just thinking about how to hang these properly is giving the little OCD guy in me fits.

Serious question: How do you properly [and easily] hang a multi-pnael picture set like this with varying heights but a common center line?

I’m just making a guess here but I figure you find your center line (laser level helps here). Then measure between the frame edges, divide by 2 to find the hang height for each one.

My theory is that any misses usually are hidden by the picture itself. You DO NOT want to see behind some of my pictures in the house.

The piece on the left isn’t really worth hanging. Couldn’t they have added a seagull, or cloud, or …anything?

Edit: likewise with this one:

“Hey, bro, that piece of plain black canvass really adds to the picture of the flower.” Seems like a 4-piece set could have been done for cheaper…

LOL. Yah My old house had that all over the place. When I moved out I had to buy tubs of the drywall fixer stuff.

See what would be awesome is if sets like these came with some sort of painters tape guide you could put on the wall, then you know exactly how to perfectly hang the pics.

That’s an awesome idea. I’ll pass it on to the buyer to send to the vendor.

UPDATE: Just so happens that the vendor DID supply hanging instructions. They’re linked on every Feature page.

Had we only looked. But now you can!

here ya go

By the way …what pier is this?

stick a cardboard cutout of the top of James Franco’s head peaking around the corner on there to amuse your house-guests.

How do those charts (linked on the feature page) help you hang the paintings with the 5 pieces (4 of which are different sizes)?

You have to use the “pensil” mentioned in the guide to help you. Doesn’t anyone spell check any more?

Does anybody know who makes these? Can anybody vouch for their quality? I’d like to see some reviews.

I think Trademark Art is the company that makes these. Hopefully some fellow wooters can vouch for the quality.

This is like “gimmick” art. If they were to add something to the other panels, they’d have to buy another piece of stock art to put in there.

Though, without that extra black panel, that flower might feel pretty crunched once you put it on a wall.

Waiting room art.

I believe the word is pentaptych.

I received mine this weekend and the frames are bowed on every single piece. Not pleased.

I’m sorry for the problem. You might try letting them lay on a flat surface for a bit to straighten them out. Could be weather during transit affected them.

If all else fails, email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

No, they will not straighten out. The canvas was pulled too tightly when it was stapled to the frame, causing them to bow. I did email customer service and they gave me information on getting a refund, which was not what I requested…I want a replacement. Anyways, why is it so hard to find a phone number to reach Woot!!! SHADY

I was also told that there is a 12% restocking fee. To return a defective product?!?!?! I don’t think so.