FiveWise Central Coast Meritage Blend (6)

FiveWise Central Coast Meritage Blend 6-Pack
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2012 FiveWise Meritage Blend, Central Coast
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So, I got a bottle of this same wine, a few weeks ago.

Came tissue wrapped, which I found weird for a bottle in this price range.

1st hit on the nose - very strong, berry, juicy, full - behind which is a decent amount of oak, kind of like a dusty shed.

Tight tannins (have given it no time to breathe) - obviously there, but not a full on attack. I’m surprised the alc. % is this low in a meritage blend, but its good that its 13.5 - 15% would kill it.

After a few hours sitting, plum/currant aromas, tannins have relaxed, much smoother, but a very short finish.

Night 2, much darker, woodsier nose - like cedar. Still currants, tannins much relaxed, short finish.

Wife’s comments were (she tried it after it had breathed for a few hours): Bold front, clean finish, currants, not very tannic, not peppery, woody but not oaky, like a log in the forest with mushrooms.

Without doing any research, I was guessing a $25 original price, and about 10-13 on woot. Pleased to see its under $10/bottle.

It’s alive…it’s alive. It’s alive! It’s ALIVE! IT’s ALIVE, ALIVE!! IT’S ALIIVE!! In the name of god, now I know what it feels like to BE god!

Morning everyone! At least it’s still morning here in California. I wanted to chime in with a little more in-depth information on our 2012 Meritage in case you were curious. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!
TA = 0.59
pH = 3.67
VA = 0.073
RS = 0.01

Thanks for the additional information. What percentage of the wine do each of the five Bdx varietals comprise?

Our blend includes each of the five “noble” Bordeaux grapes. The breakdown of our 2012 vintage is 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Merlot, 21% Petit Virdot, 1% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc.

Hmmm … $7.99 a bottle if you buy 4 at local World Market stores

On their website, it says “local price may vary” and it’s not in their ad for my area.
Are they blowing them out at the one close to you per a sign or something?

Not a sign sale. I do get regular e-mails being a “World Market Explorer Club” member. All wines 20% off with purchase of 4. This one along with 3 others featured and at a better discount. Regular price shown as $11.99. Seems to be nation-wide, but, probably need to be in club. I think you can join (and get benefits on-the-spot) (free)

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