Fjellene Walla Walla Mixed Red (5)

Fjellene Walla Walla Mixed Red 5-Pack
$64.99 $178.00 63% off List Price
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley
2009 Eastern Approach Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley
2010 Eastern Approach Red Wine, Columbia Valley
2009 West Fork Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley
2010 West Fork Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley

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Oh good, these are back, and I don’t have any funds or space for them. Curses.

Got the last Fjellene offering, and I’m glad I did. It’s a Walla2 wine we seem to can’t get any more. If the last bunch were any indication, they’re made by Balboa Winery, also in Walla2’s south region. We’ve only had the South Col Blend and it was pretty velvety. No Syrahs this time around, but as I said then, this is a great and incredibly affordable way to try Walla Walla wines with a nice smattering of Columbia Valley thrown in. You won’t regret it.

The beautifully painted bottles are a bonus.

I purchased these the last time they were offered and we really enjoyed all five which is somewhat unusual for a mixed case. I’m in for three this time!

as a wine professional in Seattle, I’m pretty familiar with a lot of fantastic wines from out here in Washington. I can’t say enough good about the wines from Fjellene. I love opening them for guests. The wines are incredibly well made. I’m happy to answer any questions that people might have, if I can. I will certainly say that at this price, you are getting a lot of wine for your money.

The first vintage that Matthew made were assisted greatly by Tom Glase of Balboa Cellars (his wines are also FANTASTIC!!!), but Matthew Erlandson is pretty much flying on his own now as the winemaker at Fjellene. Glase still consults, but this is not unusual,as Walla Wall is a tight community, where everyone pretty much helps everyone.

On the last offering of this mix in March another winemaker from the area chimed in and said that Fjellene went out of business, that Matthew closed up shop. Not so?

I believe he is consulting on his own and working with Avennia Winery now.

good day in for 1 plus Sanford & the Benedict 1979 Library Cabernet on woot plus I’m an happy camper

These were a nice find. And probably the last time you’ll see them for a while.

Second best looking brand identity I ever created… Hate to see these sacrificed this way…

What’s your number 1?

Thanks for the heads up … You can’t pass that up. Grabbed two of the 79’s and one of the Fjellene orders. Pretty excited for this shipment.

I hadn’t heard that Fjellene folded. I don’t think that is correct, but A) i could very well be wrong and B) nothing surprises me in the world of wine…i’ll look into it. I haven’t had to re-order it for a few months, so I’m not sure. Last I heard, Avennia is mostly Chris Peterson, formerly of Delille, but, again, I haven’t seen him in about 6 months…

Yep, purchased from both the previous offers, contemplating another one here. I’ve only tried three of the wines so far but nice bang for the buck.

If this is true, then that is sad. I was able to get in on the last offer and so far these have all been amazing at this price point. In for 3 in case this truly is the last time!

Got in on this last time and loved every bottle. Picked up 2 orders this time and am really going to try and hold on to them a bit longer this time.

Maybe I’ll open a bottle from the other mixed offer and see if I should break my SIWBM for these.

Have loved all of the Walla Walla reds I’ve tried. Based on comments from this and previous offering it appears these will be in my wheelhouse. In for two.

Drinkin’ early! I love it…maybe I’ll join you.